Jan 05, 2010

This mornings weight is 214.5 lbs. It's not my weigh in day but I wanted to blog because I want to get back on track and I think that yesterday was my start day. The holidays were tough but I did continue to lose even though I ate pretty much what I wanted. I'm back to paying attention to my life. I had a Revelation this week that my pattern is to lose focus and gain the weight I've lost in the past back. I'm determined that this will not happen to me. I realize that I need to pay attention to everything in my life for my life to thrive. This means paying attention to my diet, my exercise routine, my relationships, my job, my home. When I close my eyes and put my life on automatic pilot I spiral out of control. The only way to keep control is to pay attention to every moment.

So here is to paying attention and to making my life what I want it to be, not what it turns out to be.

Here I come onederland!


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