And Life Goes On - 3 years out from VSG

Mar 18, 2012

 It has been forever since I've come back to post here and I'm sorry that I let the stressors of life stop my focus of health. I will be three years out from my sleeve surgery in June 2012 and I'm maintaining my weight in the 180's. I can't seem to get anymore weight off. I am trying to make smart food choices but end up going back to old habits that are not supported by my lower metabolism. I have to remember that it doesn't take as many calories to maintain 180 lbs as it does 280 lbs. I've lost my focus over a year ago when my 46 year old husband had a stroke. My life as I knew it has changed and I'm still trying to adjust to a new normal. Not only am I adjusting to a new body and a  husband that has changed into a new child like person I am now a grandmother. My 25 year old daughter had a baby boy  last April. My daughter, my grandson and the baby daddy moved into my home last Sept. This has been beyond stressful for everyone in my house. In addition to this, my husband, who was on disability following the stroke in January 2011 and  subsequent brain surgery to remove an aneurysm in August 2012 was laid off from his job. When he was to return to work in January 2012 his job in construction was gone. He was laid off and has been off work for 7 months now. Not only that, my 25 year old daughter and her boyfriend are both out of work. I’m the only one that is working full time. My two other daughters are working part time but do not help financially. My home, which should be a safe haven is now the most stressful part of my life. I feel that my home is no longer my home.  I’m currently struggling with feelings of depression and anxiety and have come to the conclusion that I no longer can use food, alcohol or cigarettes to self medicate. I’m forced to feel these emotions and have no idea how to handle them. This is why I’m back to this board. I started coming to this forum a year before my surgery. At that time I had so much hope that once I had the surgery and lost weight my life would be perfect. But I was wrong. The surgery has changed my life and I do not regret it one moment. I must commit to come back to this forum often and get my focus back to myself and my health.  The moral of this story is that the surgery does change your life but life continues with all the stressors that come with it. The trick is to learn to roll with the punches, to experience the emotions, both good and bad without using food, or anything else to comfort and mask these feelings. I’m attempting to reach out through this forum, as I did years ago and feel that sense of hopefulness that my future is bright and that change is inevitable and constant and obtainable towards positive goals that will be reached. I’m back.

My weight this morning is 186.5 lbs.

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