Im back!

Oct 04, 2010

I lost the baby March 29th. I had test ran and she had turner syndrome.   This is a very hard month for me because she was due Oct 22nd. Im doing ok now.. I just had my gall bladder removed 2 weeks ago.  That surgery was a brreeezzzzeee lol btw.. Ive lost 208 lbs and now in a size 10! :) My Husband and I are gonna try again. Hope everyone is doing well. xoxo Till next time!


Feb 23, 2010

Wow.. could life get any better? Just found out Im 4 weeks and due oct 22nd!! yay yay yay!!!!!!!!

hello there!

Jan 29, 2010

just a quick update. Im down 182 lbs loving life. I still can eat anything I want without gainning. lol life is good! just went to the dr thursday all my levels are great. Not bad for someone who always forgets their vitamins. lol hope everyone is well. :) 

Tummy tuck!

Jan 11, 2009

Im home, surgery is over. The Dr removed 20 lbs of skin and also had to repair a hernia. I didnt even know I had. Im healing nice, not in to much pain and sooo thankful this is almost all over. :) I cant wait to heal and start trying on some clothes I bought b4 surgery. Im not sure I will wear that much of a smaller size. We shall see. lol byeeeeeee for now.

Date changed :(

Oct 21, 2008

Got a call yesterday, they changed my surgery date to Jan7th. I guess my insurance wouldnt cover the TT until I was a year out from WLS. Im a little bummed but this gives me more time to lose a few more LBS.  Oh well, guess I should just be thankful my insurance is going to cover it. Im always in a rush to get shit done!! lol


Oct 17, 2008

I go in Nov 12th for upper and lower tummy tuck! Im really excited. Just hope Im not going under too soon. I think Im pretty much done losing. I will keep ya all updated. The Dr that is doing my surgery is Dr Sayeg. He is on this site and has great reviews. The website is  I will also be having a boob and neck lift some time in the new year.  Yay!!

few more lbs gone

Oct 10, 2008

I was so excited to get on the scale two days ago. I wasnt sure if I really wanted to because I have been eating junk for dayssss. I lost another 4 lbs. I really thought I was done losing. I have done very well with walking this past week. I did 10 miles during the week. I guess that helped with my loss. It feels so good to get out and walk without getting sweaty and tired.  I hope to keep this up lol and knock off the carbs and sugar. I know the scale would drop so much more. Oh ya these lbs came off after not losing for almost 2 months. :) yippy! Istill want to lose 30- 35 more lbs. I go Fri the 17th to see about having my chin done. Im having TT in March. If I dont lose or gain between 5-10lbs.I think Im down 8 lbs since my Dr told me this. :( Happy to lose but not happy it may not happen in March.

Happy Birthday to me!

Sep 15, 2008

Well tomorrow Im going to be34 yrs old. Im not at the size I thought Id be at but very happy with the way I feel and look for the most part.  Im going out in my size 16 jeans from Victoria secret my high heal black boots and Im going to live it up!! :) 

And losing lol

Aug 28, 2008

Im 2 days past my 8 months mark and very happy to report, Im now down 141 lbs!!  I really need to start working out and eating right. I just cant seem to leave the sweets alone. I know the weight loss will come to a stop sooner or later, I need to get my butt in gear. I really havent followed the rules and eat whatever I want.  Oh I sooo wish Id get dumping!~~!  Anyhow, lifes good my marriage is even better and Im loving who Ive become.  Lots of love, Lori

Still losing

Jul 31, 2008

Im a little over 7 months out and now down 134 lbs since surgery. Im feeling great and still very happy I made the choice to have WLS.  Im ready for a TT!! I think my doc said sometime in March. Cant happen soon enough for me. :)

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