2 year later

Oct 01, 2010

It is now September 30th.,2010 and 2 year ago today I under went my surgery and I'm a total of 155 lb lighter. I do bounce back and forth within 5 to 7 lb depend on the holiday and going to outing with church member, family and friends. But you have to let go once in a while knowing that I must be accountable after an outing. My husband in very supporting and does not rag on me for how I eat or don't eat. I make sure everything I eat is some kind of protein. I eat veg. every day and stay away from bread as much as possible.  I do eat sweets now and than but take that in to consiceration when eating the rest of the day. I hope this help someone and that you can enjoy life as I have been able to do since my surgery. O yes, I was excepted for a knee replacement since my weight loss so I not in a wheel chair yet. PRAISE GOD. To him I owe all. And a big thanks to Teresa for making me stick to my exercise for my knee or I would not have the great use I have of it, even my surgon can't believe the flesability I have with my replacement, I have 100% sureage of it.


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