Hello everyone, I'm Brigitte and this is "My Story".   
I'm not sure if you would say I've always had a weight problem, but I would most assuredly say I have one now!! I came through 2 pregnancies with hardly no weight gain, just the normal maybe 10 or 20 extra pounds. But, in 1994 I decided I would give up smoking for better health,at the time I weighed 140. BIG mistake.....My life has been crazy ever since!! When I made the decision to quit I did it on my own laid them down and never picked them back up. Since then I have dealt with 110 pound weight gain that is harder to get rid of than the cigarette's!!! I went through 6years of anxiety and panic disorder,(and if any of you have ever dealt with this illness you know it's not some place you ever want to be in again) I finally sought professional help for this matter and to this date am coping greatly with my fears and phobias. But now I have made a decision to finally seek help for my weight. I've tried so many things in the past and as we all know those choices always bring us back to where we started from! Well, I'm ready to change that for good also, it's time I take my life back, my healthy life. I have 2 grown children and 2 very special grandsons and I want to be here for them and my future grandchildren and hopefully great-grandchildren!! I also want to be able to enjoy them without being to tired to get off the couch! I have alot of goals but my first is to get my surgery approved!!! I meet with Dr. Paul Macik in Atlanta in July of 07 at the time I had just recently got insurance, not realizing that it had a 12 month pre-exsisting clause! So, I was denied due to that fact. I called bc/bs they were very nice and informed me that in July of 08, I could resubmit my information and it would then be reviewed as medical necessity rather than pre-exsisting. Therefore, I'm doing the waiting thing, and July is not getting here fast enough!!!!!!!!! So, now you all know my story and as soon as I get more information, I will post.   

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