I made it home !

Jul 01, 2010

I made it home okay !  The procedure went well - I had a lot of neck and shoulder pain right after the surgery and the next day.  That is typical, but boy did it hurt !  I couldn't find any comfortable position.  I was in the hospital for about 8 hrs then I went to my hotel room.  I had a nurse that stayed with me for 2 days.  She gave me my meds and tended to my IV.  All the meds and supplies you need to buy from the local pharmacy.  It is really weird because you don't need a script for anything - you just go and ask for it - meds, syringes and all !  However, I hear that is how most countries operate.  The nurse was great. 

I wasn't thrilled about the attention at the hospital though (maybe I am biased because I am an RN).  I felt a little neglected.  And I felt the MD's office didn't do a good job about giving us information on when to go back to the MDs office.  I went back for two follow up visits with the MD.  I had vomiting the day of the surgery and once the day after the surgery.  That was all.  I was there from Sunday to Thursday.  I would never reccommend going without a Spanish speaker.   I speak Spanish and I was still lost !  It's a whole other world.. I was grateful to have my husband there with me..

On the other hand, I am thrilled about the results.  I will be two weeks out on Monday.  I have a little acid reflux, so I am taking Nexium for that.  I have lost 14 lbs so far.. which is crazy !  About 1 lbs a day.  I only had discomfort in my incisions.. the only real pain I had was that shoulder and neck pain that was gone on day 3.  I didn't feel concerned about flying back.  I feel great !  I am still getting used to the eating part - but I feel happy with the procedure ! I can't wait to weigh myself every morning !


Okay.. so I'm nervous !

Jun 16, 2010

Well, I feel weird being so nervous about my gastric sleeve.  It felt like yesterday when I decided on the surgery and now it's going to happen !  Monday to be exact !   I have had surgery in the past - Gallbladder, 2 c-sections.  But for some reason - I feel extra nervous about this.  I will be flying to Colombia to have this done.  I'm a Spanish-speaker - so I feel okay in getting by.  It's just I will be away from my family.. what if something happens?  I guess I shouldn't think that way.

Well - I am also excited on losing the weight !  I wonder how I will look 6 months from now.  Will I be happy?  Or full of regrets?  Time will tell.

I'll write my post surgery updates - for anyone out there who is reading.

Lee =)

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