Okay.. so I'm nervous !

Jun 16, 2010

Well, I feel weird being so nervous about my gastric sleeve.  It felt like yesterday when I decided on the surgery and now it's going to happen !  Monday to be exact !   I have had surgery in the past - Gallbladder, 2 c-sections.  But for some reason - I feel extra nervous about this.  I will be flying to Colombia to have this done.  I'm a Spanish-speaker - so I feel okay in getting by.  It's just I will be away from my family.. what if something happens?  I guess I shouldn't think that way.

Well - I am also excited on losing the weight !  I wonder how I will look 6 months from now.  Will I be happy?  Or full of regrets?  Time will tell.

I'll write my post surgery updates - for anyone out there who is reading.

Lee =)


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