FAST FORWARD... it's August 2017, moved to Belleville from Hamilton; son started a family - easier drive than through Toronto.. awesome move... but lonely - don't know anyone; not working, only sister passed away; got a job - not for me - get cut off EI after working 3 hours!!  GRRRR!! Stainless Steel appliance became my best friend and the pounds came back.  Covid hits in 2020, it's now December 2020 and fighting an embarrassing regain - too embarrassed to even post how much!  BUT today was day 1... back on track... it's going to work THIS time and stay off... it will be a slow process this I am aware of.  Because I care .. because I am worth it!!

Was given  the privilege of having RNY surgery on January 11, 2012, 5 years ago.. and haven't looked back one day. the only thing i truly regret is that i didn't have surgery years ago! i'm done 190 lbs... with a bounce back of 20 lbs and at my 5 years appointment... i was told i'm in the high percentage of 43% of losing and keeping the weight off. but now.. 5 years later.. i struggle with maintenance.. this is the hardest part of the "program" of my life! never ever being thin, and i still don't see myself as thin. sure, i'm thinner.. but i still struggle seeing the fat person! i've gotten off 9 / 11 pills, no longer am diabetic, no longer need a cpap machine, no longer have blood pressure - the only 2 meds i am on is for cholesterol which is ideal (but due to heart disease in my family my doc says i have to stay on it... i'm due to see her soon and i told her that in 5 years i want off that drug... well it's now 5 years since surgery.. so i'm hoping to get rid of that pill) and i take another my thyroid. life is great... i can move now, i'm healthier.. sure i'm thinner according to the scales... and clothing size... but my head still hasn't moved with the number on the scales... not sure when or if that will ever happen but maybe that's a good thing... keeps me in line! sure i've tested the waters and yep... i can even have sugar! i've dumped maybe 3x during my whole journey! and even the dietiation told me at my 4 year checkup that yep.. you'll get that back, you'll be able to eat this and that.. but i stay away from the red light foods.. i used to love bread.. i still do.. but bread blows up in my tummy and hurts like hell.. so i know to avoid it.. as well as alot of other carbs! a small price to pay i suppose.... so good luck to all of you and remember, this is truly a gift... and treat it that way!! keep your eye on the prize .. and take care of you!!

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