I'm 40 and have been heavy forever. Calculated it to be about a fifteen pound per year weight gain since I had my daughter at 19 years old.

My sister had the surgery, and it worked for her, so as usual, I went after the surgery, finding out all the bad news and issues a person can get when one goes after a surgery.

 I was over four hundred pounds in 2005, and have had water issues in my legs for about ten years. Getting around was/is difficult, and the fact is I woke to the fact that my bestest bud, my dear daughter, was doing without things she wanted to do because I couldn't do them with her. That was a real wake-up call for me, and I started doing everything I could to get out of the house, to get myself going again.

Some people have asked me why I worked toward the surgery for six years, why I didn't give up on it. Fact is every day I look into the eyes of my daughter and see my heart there in her eyes, pumping and working hard, and I could not disappoint her like that, leaving her before she is ready for me to go meet my maker. So frankly, even when I've wanted to lie down and let go, I've had her pulling me along - not much more in the world one can ask for beyond that.

She is my best friend. And when she turns 22, I'll be having my five weeks checkup that next day, so with five weeks past the surgery, I'm hoping to be humming along.

Right now I don't feel any weight loss - and today makes three full weeks. Sick of turkey and chocolate protein shakes.... miss fruits, especially bananas and pineapple!

Can't eat chocolate very well - have had a chunk of Hershey's now and again - suck'em til they give up all the flavoring and turn to mush. Don't feel real well after I do that, though.

Am able to eat cheeseburgers, by ---- and don't gross out - by chewing them up and spitting it into my napkin. Really badly missed cheese til I figured that out.

Still have the runs on most days, but am back to work as of last week, so I'll keep doing what I have to do to get better.

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