1st year gone...

Apr 27, 2009

Wow, it seems like just the other day that I had my surgery! Time definitely flew by.

I'm excited to say that I'm down 94 lbs from where I started this journey. A bit bummed that I didn't make my one year goal of 100 lbs, but almost made it! As far as I'm concerned, though, my biggest benefit is that when I saw my primary care physician, she said (after one more round of blood work to double check everything) she will consider me "cured" of diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol! WOOHOO!! I am accomplishing what I wanted from the surgery... becoming healthier! Can't beat that!!

So on to my next goal, which is to be at "goal" by 18 mths. With the losses I've been having lately it may be tough, but I want to strive for it. Wish me luck!

Hope things are going well for everyone!

Take care,

Heading past 9 mths post-op

Jan 28, 2009

So I realized yesterday that I need to get some motivation and I need to get a little perspective. Motivation because I feel like I haven't done everything I could to maximize my losses and perspective because I still REALLY DON'T SEE what I've done so far. So I had a friend take a couple of pictures and made myself post them. I do see some differences when I compare them with the pictures that were taken the day before surgery, but I'm still not happy with what I see. Maybe I never will be! I think we are our own worst critics!! lol

Lately, it's funny the reaction I get when I tell people I'd still like to lose another 45 lbs, they all appear surprised that I feel the need to lose that much more. I just know that I won't feel that I've been successful unless I get into that "normal" range on the BMI chart. Even if only briefly! Hopefully soon the medication that I've been taking to help my symptoms for rheumatoid arthritis, especially the prednisone, will be changed and then I can stop fighting the medication for every single pound! Of course maybe I'm just using it as an excuse that I haven't done as well as I could. I guess only time will tell...

Also, I've decided to post here my goal of at least being down 100 lbs for my one year surge-versary. I have three months to go. I CAN DO IT!!

My other goal is that I'm going to try and make a better effort to come here to post about how I'm doing. My little surgery diary, right?

My re-birth day is almost here...

Apr 20, 2008

it seems like just yesterday that I was "commenting" that it would be a long time until the 23rd. Now it's two days away! Still feeling anxious and excited, but I know that I'm doing the right thing for my health.

I've been lucky to have such an amazing support system both here on OH and through friends and co-workers! Thanks to them, because they all have helped keep my thoughts positive and my spirits up!!! Sometimes I wonder if I would feel this confident about the surgery, if they hadn't been there to cheer me on.


Mar 14, 2008

I got my date!! My official re-birth day is April 23, 2008! 

I can't help wish it were a little sooner, but I'm sooooo glad to have an actual date! Although, the more I'm living with the time frame the better I'm feeling about it. At least this way I can try to start some "better" habits like not drinking fluids with meals and focusing more on protein food items. It will also give me the time to start stocking up a little at a time with vitamins, etc that I will need after surgery. 

See here's to looking forward to the end of April!

Status Report for me...

Feb 04, 2008

I felt I needed to start keeping track for myself to see how things are progressing, cause some days it feels as if time is going by too fast and some days the days feel like they are going backwards! So here goes...

As of today I've completed almost all of the appointments and tests needed for getting approved to have the surgery.  I feel like I've seen more Drs and technicians in the last few months then I've seen in the last 10 years! Let's see... Completed the Psych eval at the end of November, then on to two consultations with a Nutritionist (one in December and one in January), had the gallbladder ultrasound in December and the Cardiology Stress test and Sleep Apnea testing in January. Finally saw Dr Pohl at the end of January and now the upper Endoscopy is scheduled for tomorrow. I should hear by next week if I got approval from the insurance company (which for my insurance company should be no problem, thank goodness!) and by the end of next week (hopefully) would be able to schedule my second visit with Dr Pohl. So it looks like (from a timeline I talked about with him at my appointment) I may possibly have a surgery date sometime in March or April. So here's to this next week going by VERY fast!!

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