My name is Erin and my weight journey really began at age 16. At age 16 I had my son, during my pregnancy I gained a whopping 80 lbs. I ate terrible and was very depressed. At age 19 put on 30 more lbs. when pregnant with my daughter, so at this point I’ve gone from 145 to 255. Then at age 20 my mother passed away, a few short years later my father also, adding another 100lbs onto my frame. My top weight was 363 pounds.

 In 2007 I had a Lap-band implanted in Mexico because at that time my insurance did not cover WLS. I was sick for 2 years until I could afford for the removal in 2009. I only lost around 30 lbs and could eat no solid food. Had to travel back to Mexico as no US Dr. would help me at all. It was the biggest and most expensive mistake of my entire life.

 In  July of 2014 I went to see my regular doctor and he was very concerned about my weight and suggested I go to Tucson Bariatric here in Tucson AZ. I started the process of gathering all of my last 5 years of medical records, had 2 nutrition visits, a test for sleep apnea (which I did have) a stress test/EKG, EGD and a meeting with a counselor.

 I was approved for RNY surgery and Dr. Monash at Tucson Bariatric did my surgery on April 29th 2015. On surgery day my weight was 343 lbs. I lost weight very quickly and before I knew it I was down 88lbs., then I got sick. Nothing to do with my RNY but I started having issues with my uterus and had to have a hysterectomy on December 18th of 2015. 2 big surgeries in one year! I’m now back on track and have lost more weight and I’m feeling so much better. My goal weight is 150 and I cannot wait to get there!

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