5 Months Post-op

Sep 29, 2015

Today I'm 5 Months Post-op and down 75lbs! I'm feeling great and once I get all my protein and water up to what it's suppose to be I'm sure I'll be doing even better.


Down 2 sizes

Sep 04, 2015

Down from a tight 4X to a 2x! Much easier to find pants :)


4 months Post Op

Aug 28, 2015

4 months post op. A mix of emotions to be honest.

I'm so happy to be 62 lbs. down. Clothes are to big, bending over to pick up a pen isn't a painful, embarrassing thing to do anymore. Not only am I eating healthier but now so are both my kids! My daughters lost 20 lbs since my surgery and my sons lost 30. Joined Planet Fitness and I love that they are open 24/7. I'm not losing as fast anymore and constantly have  to remind myself it's a process and I'm doing great :)



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3 Months Post-op

Jul 29, 2015

As of today I'm 3 Months Post-op and down 55lbs. Feeling better, walking further. More people are noticing, some days I see it some I don't. Clothes are fitting looser.  All in all, nothing but good to report :)

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2 1/2 months post op update

Jul 08, 2015

Surgery Date: Wednesday April 29th 2015 Weight: 343

Today's Date: Wednesday July 8th 2015 Weight: 293

Total Weight loss so far in 2 and a half months - 50lbs.

I can now fit back into my size 26 jeans. I still have a long way to go but I'm so happy and thankful, I never expected this.  I talked to my Dr. today and gave him the update and he's proud of me, so I'm proud of me.

Everyday is a learning experience. Some days I can eat something and then the next time I try to eat it, it's a no. Happens with eggs, pasta, etc. I have good and bad days but I don't regret my surgery at all. I feel so much better already and look forward to losing the next 50!!!




2 months post op

Jun 24, 2015

Today I'm 2 months post op. Day of surgery weight was 343 and as of this morning I'm 301. I'm not exercising enough, barley making my protein requirements and I know I'm not drinking enough water. No excuses, it's all me. I need to do better and try harder.

On the upside that's 42 lbs gone in 2 months and that's awesome :) My clothes are fitting different and I like it!



7 Weeks Post Op

Jun 17, 2015

Only 7 weeks? Feels like 7 months, not in a bad way but still! 4 more lbs and I'll be in the 200's. I'll be 299 but that still counts right? I haven't been that weight since 2007 when I moved to Tucson from my home town. Protein intake is getting easier since I can eat a bit more now, water goal is closer too. My daughter is now working out with me and she's a great motivator, it's so good for both of us.

All of the processed and junk food is out of the house, my only complaint is I wish healthy eating wasn't so expensive.



6 Weeks Post-op

Jun 10, 2015

As of today I'm 6 weeks Post-op and down 37 lbs. People are actually starting to notice I've lost some weight, which I have to admit is nice. Still not getting in all my water or protein but I'm trying my hardest. I've started walking my dogs again and going swimming which I love. All in all not to shabby :)


Swimming Season

Jun 08, 2015

Tonight I was able to wear a swimsuit I haven't worn in 6 years! It's still an ugly one with the skirt looking thing but it's smaller than what I've been wearing. So that's something :)

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5 weeks post op

Jun 04, 2015

34 lbs. down, no more shots, not getting in all my water or protein. Trying to get use to my anti-depressants on such a small stomach. 9 more lbs and I'll be back in the 200's which will be a welcome sight :)


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