Keary Robert Williams

"I LOVE Dr. Williams.rnrnThe first time I saw Dr. Williams was at the informational seminar. I got a very good impression of him and decided to make my consult appointment with him.rnrnAt the appointment, I felt very comfortable with his competency and decided I wanted to go with him.rnrnThe next time I saw him was the day of surgery in the hospital. Since my surgery, I've gotten to know him much better and have been super impressed. And most importantly, his skill as a surgeon became very apparent and made me feel safe, especially during my complication.rnrnFive days after surgery, one of my incisions became infected, and I had to go to the ER. Rather than let one of the ER docs drain it, which could have been done, he came straight from emergency surgery to the ER to do it himself.rnrnDr. Williams' nurses are also top notch - Sarah and Andrea. They were amazing when I came into the office with the infection and even helped me when I was in the ER waiting for Dr. Williams (the ER wouldn't take me back etc, so I called Sarah from the waiting room). She put me on hold, paged Dr. Williams, and actually got in touch with him while he was still in the operating room and let me know what was going on and when he'd be down to the ER. They've also answered all of my questions with endless patience....even the ones where I called crying.rnrnI'd use Dr. Williams again in a second!"

Fort Sanders Parkwest Hospital

"The biggest problem I experienced was how long it took the nurse to bring my meds after I requested them. Finally, I learned to ask about 30-45 minutes ahead of when I anticipated needing them."
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