I've been married since 1987 to my wonderful husband. We have 2 kids; one in HS, the other in MS. As a size 11 I considered myself "chunky" in high school. Most of my friends were much smaller so I felt like the toad. In college I gained the obligatory "Freshman 15". Late nights dancing, drinking beer and eating Pyramid Pizza. (Have you figured out where I went to school yet? Hint: I bleed orange!) Anyway, I never managed to get the weight off. Over the years of marriage and babies, it has steadily crept up. I've been at my current weight for about 11 years. Nothing I tried was able to shake it back down into onederland. It's been very frustrating. WLS was an option I said I would NEVER consider. My husband and I were on our way home from a recent trip when he suggested we look into it. I cried. I don't know if it was from relief or the fact that I am at a point I needed to think about doing this. I have extremely supportive friends and family and I'm ready to get going. Pre-op I've lost 13#. It was a struggle, but I did it. I've honestly already changed so many habits and I'm not willing to go back. Being thin is going to feel so good. It will be nice to look on the outside the way I feel on the inside. **It's not the woman who dies with the most pairs of shoes who garners the prize, it's the one who has the most fun dancing in them.**

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