Ramon Rivera

"My first impression was that he was young. Why does it seem that my doctors are getting younger and younger? LOL can't be that I'm getting OLDERRRRRRRRRR ???rnAfter consulting with him I found him to be very thorough and informative. He answered all my questions. He was patient, and caring. rnI can't say my impression changed much overtime. He calls me always with any questions I have for him. I really like the efficency and friendliness of his office staff. They seem to go above the call of duty (waited for me to come in and weigh in at the end of a day, cuz I was sure I wasn't losing) Dr. Rivera feels aftercare is very important. He highly recommends support groups and meeting with Nutritionist as well as seeing him on scheduled dates. I would rate him an over all excellent surgeon who is very competent and has a wonderful beside manner. I don't have anything negative to say other than ok, well on my first visit I had a long wait due to his running late he just had his first child and had to do his \"first fatherly duty\" bring him home from hospital! "

Good Samaritan Hospital

"overall everyone was wonderful. in the very last stages one of the nurses in the last recovery room was a bit insensitive and talking to a couple other nurses about how this surgery isn't successful if the person has a "healthy diet of milk shakes from Mc Donalds, instead of sticking to the program" I was half asleep listening to these comments. That wasn't cool. "
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