I am a 26 y/o mother of two BE-U-TIFUL children.  I have always been "chunky."  Even as a kid in 4th grade stepping on the scale for the great american fitness week was traumatic.  I would look at the skinny blonde girls and hoped that they were not watching me.
My parents ALWAYS guilted into eating and finishing my plate cos of all the hungry kids in Africa and China.  It is their fault that my ass is this big!!!!

I've wanted WLS for as long as I can remember and I really don't know why I just never did it.  Probably cos I watched too much Discovery Health Channel and saw such sad stories on the people who had RYN done and after losing so much weight turned into skanks and disgusting people.  I think I always felt it better to be fat and a good person than turn into a skinny 'ho.  

Then I met a great guy, fell in love, got married, lost a bit of weight and struggled with infertility for about a year, (I knew it was because of the weight) and finally got pregnant and had gestational diabetes.  Well 5 months after my angel was born I got pregnant again and was put on metformin to decrease the risk of birth defects to the baby cos of the diabetes.  So now baby number 2 is almost a year old and I have decided to take this matter into the hands of professional help. I was diagnosed with diabetes about 2 months ago, but was told that I've probably had it for at least 3 years. I don't want to be diabetic at 26, I don't want to worry that my next child may have a birth defect because of something I could have taken care of earlier.  

I have tried all the diets, cabbage, atkins, apple cider vinegar, I've taken diet pills up the wazoo, diet teas, exercising, reducing the amount I eat.  NOTHING HAS WORKED FOR ME!!!!!  So this is the beginning of a new me!

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