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Dec 11, 2008

Down 116 pounds!

Dec 02, 2008

Some days I still have to pinch myself, I cannot believe how quickly this weight is coming off! 116 pounds in just 4 months. I am still having some trouble keeping meat proteins down, it seems almost everything gets stuck. But, I continue to work on it. My surgeon said that I could have the opening to my pouch widened, but, that would slow down my weight loss. I am not willing to do that right now. I want to lose as much as I can during my golden window of opportunity. My hair is coming out in handfuls right now. I am taking Biotin, but, it hasn't helped. It is a good thing I have super thick hair and lots of it or I would have bald spots by now. Hope this ends soon. Otherwise, I LOVE my RNY! I can do so much more with my beautiful little girl and I am not such a burden on my hubby. He did EVERYTHING, and I mean everything for me before. I am so blessed, I feel like I have a second chance at life. Thank you Dr. Chiang and the Bariatric Institute of Wisconsin, you saved my life!

68 pounds lost!

Sep 21, 2008

I just weighed myself and couldn't believe my eyes. At 6 1/2 weeks out, I have lost a total of 68 pounds! I love my RNY! I need to have my hubby take a decent picture of me now. I did post one new one that was taken this past week, but, it isn't a very good picture of me since I am not looking at the camera. It was a nice moment though with my daughter. She can fit on my lap now!

My RNY Surgery........

Aug 06, 2008

I have been meaning to post here since returning home from the hospital last week and just haven't had the energy to do much of anything.

But, here I am ...........wanting to let you know how everything went.

The day of the surgery I arrived at the hospital at 515am. There was a flurry of activity, they weighed me, asked a bunch of questions, started an IV, and I met with the anesthesiologist. At about 7am the nurse came in and put some versed in my iv line to calm me down and she also gave me a shot of blood thinner in the thigh. I was wheeled into surgery at 730am.

I got out of recovery and was taken to my room at 315pm. My surgery was from 730am til' around 11:15am and then I was taken to the recovery room. I spent a little longer in recovery because they had to stabalize my breathing before moving me. I have 5 small cuts in my belly .

I was really out of it when they brought me to my room. I don't remember much of my conversation with my hubby or son. I was on morphine drip and the morphine pca pump for pain. My doctor told my DH that the surgery went great.

  The morning following surgery, I was up and walking around, the more you walk the better it is as far as gas pains. I had the blow up compression thingies on my legs following surgery and for the first night. They took them off the morning after surgery. I was taken to xray for a "leak" test. I had to drink some awful tasting stuff and they took pictures of my abdomen. The test went fine - no leaks.

I received another shot of blood thinner and they also tested my sugar each day, it was high so they gave me shots of insulin. I don't have diabetes, so this was quite a surprise. The nurse told me it was just because of the surgery and I wouldn't need the shots after I returned home.

When I got back to my room the nurse brought me my water and little 1 oz medicine cups. I had to sip the water - 30 of those little cups - making each ounce of water last 15 minutes. They also brought me small juice glasses half way full with sugar free carnation instant breakfast to get some protein in.

On the day of my discharge they upped me to full liquids and I was able to have a 1/2 cup of pureed healthy choice soup 3 times a day in addition to the sf carnation instant breakfast they brought.

I was discharged after 2 1/2 days there. I have had NO appetite and no hunger at all. I have to remind myself to eat.I am extremely tired and am on loratab elixir for pain.

I had to go back into the hospital on Sunday because I spiked a fever of 101.4 and they were worried about a leak. I was admitted for observation and they did a bunch of tests. It all turned out fine and they were not really sure why I was running the fever. I was discharged on Monday.

I am still on the liquid diet. 3 small protein shakes a day, 3 meals a day which can be a 1/2 a cup of pureed Healthy Request Soup, Sugar Free Pudding, or Sugar Free Yogurt.  I am having a real hard time getting my "meals" in, just focusing on my protein and water for now until I can put more stuff in my tummy.

I still have pain in my abdomen, but it is lessening each day. I am more tired than anything.

I go for my follow up visit with my surgeon on August 14th. I will be weighed then and will update with my current weight loss.

Pre Op Instructions

Jul 03, 2008

I went to see my surgeon today and had a nice talk with him about my concerns and questions. He doesn't usually do the "pain pump" for his patients, but, since I am atypical and in chronic pain he said he would.

I also went to the hospital and had a chest xray, lab work and met with the nutrionist.

I got my instructions for my 3 week liquid diet. No solid foods, no caffeine. I start July 9th.
The first 19 days I will be following this plan:

1 scoop EAS protein powder in 8 ounces of skim milk, 3 times a day.

1 - 8 ounce cup of 100% fruit juice, once a day.

6 cups or 48 ounces minimum of any of the following:
Water, Decaf coffee or tea, Broth, Sugar Free Jello, Sugar Free Koolaid, Sugar Free Popsicles, Crystal Light, Fruit2O, Diet Snapple or Diet V-Spash.

Then on July 28 & 29 start clear liquids:

No protein drinks.

8 ounces - 6 times a day (48 ounces total)
Apple Juice, Cranberry Juice, Grape Juice, Regular Koolaid, Italian Ice, Regular Jello, Regular Popsicles.

6 cups of: Water, Decaf coffee or tea, Broth, Sugar Free Jello, Sugar Free Koolaid, Sugar Free Popsicles, Crystal Lighte, Fruit2O or Diet Snapple.

This is going to be a challenge, but, I am determined to do it the right way. My poor hubby is  going to have to put  up with whining and crankiness, good thing he is a patient man!

Surgery Date

Jun 25, 2008

I have my surgery date!  Thursday, July 30th @ 730am.  I start my 3 week liquid diet on July 9th. I am bummed because I thought that I would only be doing 2 weeks of liquids!

I am very nervous. I am a nervous person in general. I have panic anxiety. I have xanax to take as needed and haven't had to take one in awhile, but, I am probably going to have to start taking them now to calm my nerves.

The last time I had surgery - 2 years ago - I almost died. I was in the hospital for a long time with post op infections. It was an classic c-section - they cut me vertically from the breast bone down - A huge open surgery.

The thought of any surgery again scares the hell out of me, even though I know that I have to do this because I am dying a slow death with my weight.

Insurance approved my surgery

Jun 24, 2008

It is official! My insurance approved my surgery. I have to call back tomorrow to get my date. I am very excited and scared all rolled up into one ball of nerves!

Awaiting insurance approval....

Jun 19, 2008

I received my official "we have submitted your records to your insurance carries" letter from my surgeons office today. In the letter they stated I needed to call my insurance companies to find out my co-pays so that I could pay the co-pay upfront.

I called my insurance companies and found out that my copays are very, very, low. What the first insurance does not cover, the 2nd basically takes care of. I know that I am blessed to have such good coverage. I would not be able to have this surgery done, if it were not for that.

My second insurance carrier told me that they rec'd my surgeons request for authorization and my medical records 3 days ago and that they have 20 days to make their decision. She indicated that sometimes they make the decision before the 20 days. (keeping my fingers crossed!)  In any case, I have to wait 17 more days max. before I find out.

Just rambling....

Jun 19, 2008

I have been disabled since I was 35 with chronic pain illnesses. At 35, I weighed about 110 pounds less than I do today. That was 9 years ago.  My illness is debilitating. I went from being a semi-healthy active person (even at 250 pounds) to a very sedentary lifestyle.

I started having horrible migraines and head pain when I was in 6th grade. I remember my mom sending Aspergum with me to school. Nothing ever seemed to help. As I got older the migraines and head pain in the back of my head worsened. I know that everyone thought I was crazy. Heck, sometimes I thought I was going crazy.

I went the the ringer of tests. MRI's, CT Scans, Spinal Tap, Nerve Block Shots, Trigger Point Injections, you name it, I have probably had it done.

It wasn't until I was pregnant with Lily in 2006, that it got to the point of unbearable pain. I went to my high risk ob doc and she admitted me. I was referred to a neurologist while in the hospital and they finally found the cause for my head pain! I have a congenital defect called Arnold Chiari Malformation. For more info: http://www.conquerchiari.org/index.htm

The neurologist said I could have brain surgery to try to correct it. Ummm, no thanks! Or he said I could try to lose some of the 105++ pounds I gained with pregnancy to try to lessen the pain. The added weight has exacerbated my Chiari. The weight loss is no guarantee it will get better, but, it sounds a lot better than brain surgery, plus, I need to do it to be healthier all around.

In addition to Chiari, I have very bad Fibromyalgia and Degnerative Disc Disease. Both of these have gotten worse with the weight gain as well. Aging could contribute to the increased pain as well.  Sometimes when I am in a bad fibro flare I cannot walk.

I hope and pray that taking off some of this weight will lessen my pain. I want to be able to chase my little almost 2 year old darling around and be there for her.

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