Poem To A Horse

Jul 02, 2007

Poetry. Can be very real. Especially when you enjoy writing it. In the scheme of things,
it can also be used as a response to the way you feel about someone in a shaky situation.
The hydroponic pot thing doesn't apply to this situation, but the fact that you're so in love with
yourself does. This, my "friend" is for you, the bolded words apply immensley. Figure it out
yourself. Moving on... yes I am. :-) Hope you had your fun and that it was allll worth it.

Sadly, I am happy about it!

Poem To A Horse

You're too far to bring you close And too high to see below Just hangin' on your daily dose I know you never needed anyone But the rolling papers for your grass How can you give what you don't have You keep on aiming for the top And quit before you sweat a drop Feed your empty brain With your hydroponic pot Start out playing with yourself You get more fun within your shell Nice to meet you but I gotta go my way I'll leave again 'cause I've been waiting in vain But you're so in love with yourself If I say my heart is sore Sounds like a cheap metaphor So I won't repeat it no more I rather eat my soup with a fork Or drive a cab in New York 'Cause to talk to you is harder work So what's the point of wasting all my words If it's just the same or even worse Than reading poems to a horse You keep on aiming for the top And quit before you sweat a drop Feed your empty brain With your hydroponic pot I bet you'll find someone like you 'Cause there's a foot for every shoe I wish you luck but I've other things to do I'll leave again 'cause I've been waiting in vain But you're so in love with yourself If I say my heart is sore Sounds like a cheap metaphor So I won't repeat it no more I'll leave again 'cause I've been waiting in vain If I say my heart is sore Sounds like a cheap metaphor I'll leave again 'cause I've been waiting in vain But you're so in love with yourself If I say my heart is sore Sounds like a cheap metaphor So I won't repeat it no more


Interesting and maybe not-so interesting facts about Magnolia.

Jun 08, 2007

This will be a work-in-progress since I obviously can not think of everything about me or what I like, etc.  BUT i DO know that I like bullet lists.  They are fun to read and to the point.  


Interesting and maybe not-so interesting  facts about Magnolia....

●  My real name is not Magnolia.

●  I love cats and have a nearly 4 foot green iguana.

●  I do not have kids and will adopt if I do.

●  I am single; not desperate.

●  Technically, I am the middle child, but I have 3 sisters.  That makes four daughters in all from the same mother and father.  Can you figure out this mystery?

●  I have not seen my "Dad" in over 15 years.

●  I am 31 years old as of May 21st.

●  I like the calm before the storm.

●  Responding to emails is fun but I can lag about it.. nothing personal.  I am thinking it out.  :-)

●  I want to visit Albania, Poland, Athens, and Russia (Russia, before they bomb us).

●  My house will be a log cabin with two rocking chairs on the front porch. 

●  I want to move to a more southern state where life is a bit more slow.

●  I am a Christian.  I am not perfect.

●  I do not date non-believers of Jesus Christ. 

●  I write songs.

●  I sing and have won some awards locally.

●  I used to smoke and now HATE it!

●  My mom and dad divorced when I was in 6th grade.

●  My bestest friends ARE considered my extended but NOT farther than an arm's length extended family. 

●  My big sister has rapid cycling bi-polar.  I love her.

●  Why do I always walk out of 7-11 and Wawa with free coffees almost on a daily basis now that I am thinner?

●  I have some bouts of situational depression but I do not battle it; God goes to bat for me on that.  

●  My close OH friend Shauna means the world to me.

●  My close OH friend Pat means the world to me.

●  Unfortunately, I believe we ARE in the midst of a 3rd world war and China and Russia are the sleeping giants.

●  My grandparents have been married over 50 years and they still have a super-charged sex life. 

●  Whoever I marry will have to deal with the above issue with ME as well.

●  At the age of 19, I was voted in as chairperson of the Philadelphia Songwriters Forum.  All of the members were 15-40+ years older than me.

●  I am partially responsible for building the world's largest music industry and networking organization.

●  A top music exec flew me out to L.A. and stay for a music industry conference in  recognition of my contributions.

●  He is flying me out again.  Maybe this November. 

●  I am a full-time student currently and do not work.

●  I have worked in the financial corporate world for almost 10 years.

●  I never tried anything sugar-free until after surgery.

●  I am a creationist.

●  I like the movie Fight Club because of Edward Norton, not Brad Pitt.

●  I will not answer the question "Who is your favorite band?" because it is the songs that count more to me and there are too many band's songs that I like! 

●  Bono from U2 inspires me.

●  My sisters are 3 more of my bestest friends.

●  If I am not on a schedule, I become a night owl.

●  I LOVE hammocks!!!!!!!!!!  I can not tell you how much I love them.

●  I want to visit Los Cabos and fall asleep on the beach in a cabana bed with my soulmate.

●  The word "soulmate" makes me laugh silently because of Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite. 

●  I love brocolli that melts in your mouth.

●  I prefer at least 2 cloves of garlic with each 1/2 cup of cooked spaghetti with sauce.

●  I am HORRIBLY HORRIBLE at video games and curse like a trucker when I play (I normally don't curse alot).  It's as if I almost all of the sudden get tourettes-syndrome outbursts.  I also move the paddle all over and think that it will help me with the moves.  Needless to say, I don't pick up the paddle more than say.. once every 5 years.  

●  It makes me sad when people use the Lord's name in vain as if He is a dirty curse word.  God damn it also qualifies for this as well. 

●  I am not religious; but I do go to non-denominational church sometimes. 

●  I listen to at least on sermon of some sort a day.. Charles Stanley, Joyce Meyers, Joel Osteen. 

●  I watch Reno 911 or Ghost Hunters episodes and drive at the same time.

●  I do not understand why people do not laugh out loud in the movie theaters more often.  

●  My neice does the perfect "Kip" impression! 

●  It does not take me long to write a good essay of any subject.

●  I LOVE vegan food and will try anything Chinese vegan once!

●  My grandmother means the world to me. 

●  My mother and I had a rocky start the 1st 25 years of life but we are truly best friends now and all is forgiven.

●  I wish one of my close OH friends would realize forgiving her mother too will help her move on and have a better quality of life.  I love you (you know who you are). 

●  My sister threw me off a rocking chair once out of anger. LOL

●  I don't enjoy metal music too much.. depends on the song.

●  I LOVE pendulums.

●  Maya Angelou's wisdom about life taught me a thing or two.

●  I have never told a man I loved him, yet.

●  I must once again finish this later.


Jun 08, 2007

For what seems decades, the BMI range to the left of your screen has been showing 51.6.  No matter how much I update it, pft, it doesn't want to hear it.  On this one, I give up, who cares really.  BUT to set the record straight, my BMI is currently 35.3.  There i just HAD to do it because that 51.6 is bothering me.  So,.. this post over-rules any BMI that is said to the left of the screen.  This has been your public service announcement for the day.

Magnolia  ;-)

Magnolia's Blog

Nov 23, 2006

I am finally on the losing side now. Surgery went A+. Now, the after-emotions, that was very, VERY hard to take. My mother actually had to stay with me for a few days when I returned home because I was so severely depressed. I did not want to be in this world anymore. A few days later, I attended my neices hand bell rehersal and met with the pastor to ask for rayer. There I was on the alter with my Mom, the pastor and the assistant pastor laying hands on me and asking the depression be rebuked from my body. Jesus heard all of our requests. I woke up the next morning knowing something was different about me. I knew and believed God that he had healed me. So be it! The power of prayer is amazing. Jesus, you are the name above all names and the beautiful Savior, glorious Lord.

I have lost 23 pounds from 3/24/06 to 4/6/06. I can't wait till I at least get to the puree stage of eating. This liquid stuff is for the birds. BUT I can not complain as I have read many people's struggles on these boards and I asked for a blessing, and I AM blessed.

More good news soon to follow.


Today is Friday, January, 6th, 2006:

As I stroll through the message boards (which has been a source education and preparation - rhyming intended), I see that times and challenges arise, people fall, people get back up, people are happy with their results, friendly, you name it. What a wonderful source of inspiring people all of you are. That is a good thing. In my heart I do not take it for granted, I just have not posted anything...yet. I am enjoying being the spectator and revel in how lives and lifestyles are being changed and rearranged all for the benefit of good health, good looks, and a supportive friendship community. I don't know anyone on here personally, yet. But I am sure God is going to put some mighty special people in my path to watch over me, and that I will one day be able to do it whole heartedly in return.

I wanted to mention an observation. Alot of people here are fearful after their operation and pre-op. I can totally relate. I had an operation that was only supposed to last 3 hours but took 7 hours with hard complications that changed my life forever. I even developed a panic and anxiety disorder afterwards. I'd like to relay a message of hope for those who worry, panic, have fear: Thank God for what you do have. His love for us is bigger than one billion times more than our human brains have the capacity to comprehend. He is the ultimate physician. The reason I bring this up is because I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save the world from sin and give eternal life for those who come to him and ask forgiveness, and turn away from sin and wrong. As a believer, I struggled with the idea of having someone rearrange my stiomach guts for the sake of vanity. But, it is not just for my vanity. As most of you can attest, health concerns come into play, being a healthy representative for the body of Christ is important. He even says our body is a temple right? So say if I were an alcoholic and had destroyed my liver and accepted a liver from a donor, would that make me not wanting to get vanity and health back? No. I'd NEED the liver to survive. When people say, well, just stop eating after 7pm at night and exercise, don't they know that alcohol to the alcohol addict is comfort as food to the food addict is comfort? And nevertheless, I have lower back arthritis that just makes me want to move and groove with Richard Simmons at 7am in the morning!! Well, what I am trying to say is that I have started making little changes here and there but doubt it will get me to stop eating a whole bag of chocolate to myself behind closed doors. If that isn't a food addict, I don't know what is for Pete's sake. So.. I am going into this surgery with a whole heart believing, trusting knowing 100% that Jesus loves me and wants me to get well with this intervention technique. I have no fear because I AM saved by the blood of Jesus Christ and I AM written in the Lamb's book of life whether I die after surgery or on the way in the car ride to the surgeon. Visit wayofthemaster.com to have eternal life. You won't regret it.

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