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I got my sleeve about 10 years ago and, while I have gained back some weight, I currently weigh about 140 pounds at 5’5”. I’ve had GERD for several years and recently developed an ulcer. When I went in for another endoscopy today, the doctor foun

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I’ve been seeing some posts about people who have had VSG and now have GERD. I had VSG almost 10 years ago and, while I have had some regain, I am still considered at a good BMI and not overweight. Problem is, I have really bad heartburn most days ev

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I had VSG in November of 2010.  I actually got too thin (104 pounds at 5'5" tall, 59 years old).  Everyone, including my doctor, was on me to gain some weight.  I do know that I looked terribly gaunt and the word, "anorexic" was used quite a bit.  The

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I have gotten lazy and stopped exercising. Using a Flex FitBit will not...

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Allergy Nasal Sprays and Ulcers? -  I live in Georgia and have severe allergies.  After my VSG, I was told that I couldn't use my nasal allergy spray anymore because they are starting to see ulcers form in weight-lo...

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Finally Reporting on my Daughter & have a Ques - As many of you know, my daughter and I had VSG on November 12, 2010, with the same surgeon.  My surgery went perfectly fine and I have lost about 80 pounds (including the 10 I lost...

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