<*>LYnn<*> 17 years, 7 months ago

Happy Birthday Mary, May your day be filled with smiles, dance, laughter, family, and friends. Blessings to you today and everyday. Enjoy your Birthday, Lynn

judy in the av 18 years, 2 months ago

Mary, congratulations on your 3 yr anniversary! You have done such an amazing job. Yours was one of the first profiles I read on OH, and you have been an inspiration to me! Sending lots of hugs and good wishes to you!

Margaret D. 19 years, 2 months ago

Hi Mary, Congratulations on your re-birth anniversary. I just want to say good job!! You look wonderful. Praying you have many more celebrations and a long and happy life. Margaret in Vegas

CarolineAnnMartin 20 years, 1 month ago

Hi Mary :) I am just wanting to thank you so for your sweetest post to my support page/email of support rg my kitty passing away. Your words truly helped to lift my spirits during this difficult time. Sending hugs, Caroline Martin (www.tinyurl.com/bkld)

Alice W. 20 years, 1 month ago

Mary Hello~~~thanks so much for your kind words, prayers and support, it meant alot to me. I just read your profile--CONGRATULATIONS, you have done a wonderful job with your weight loss!!

stinkynelson1 20 years, 2 months ago

Mary, Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary, you have done so well. It was so great to meet you & Tess you are a very special lady. Enjoy your day!!! ~ Cindi

Debbie B. 20 years, 2 months ago

Mary - CONGRATULATIONS on your ANNIVERSARY and your fantastic weight loss!! And many, many thanks for being willing to share your experiences with all of us pre-ops out here.

janetms 20 years, 2 months ago

<P><font face=arial>Mary, Happy 1st Anniversary<P>I read your post on your profile and it really touched me. Wow, a lot can happen in a year and you expressed it beautifully. Continued best wishes. xoxo

maureen 20 years, 2 months ago

Mary Happy Re-Birthday to you! You have had an awesome year the weight loss is great but like your post we gain so much more then the weight loss. Thanks for sharing of yourself you are a true inspiration hugs and God Bless Maureen

J J 20 years, 2 months ago

Hi Mary. I just read your post and then your page. I am just starting this journey. I am scared, excited, anxious, etc. I loved your page. I especially needed what you wrote the other night as you have your 1 year anniversary. Congratulations on everything you have accomplished. I am so sorry you are going through some tough times. Hang in there. You seem to be such a strong woman. Thank you for what you wrote. Wish me luck as I wait for my first consult with the surgeon. -Julia
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