9-Month anniversary!

Sep 17, 2008

Today is the 9-month anniversary of my Lap RNY by Dr. Tom Sonnanstine at St. Luke West Hospital in Florence, KY!  I feel like I once again have a future beyond the age of 60, which I thought I would not reach before my surgery.  I have more energy and feel healthier than I have in almost 30 years.  I can walk up stairs without getting out of breath.  I now fit in a bathtub to luxuriate in a bubble bath with a book.  I LOVE wearing smaller clothes, going from a size 28 down to a size 12!!!  I now walk with a spring in my step rather than the slow gait I had at 251#!  Food is no longer the focus of my life and I enjoy making good food choices and eating healthy meals.  I don't feel as if people stare anymore when I am in public.  Emotionally I am happier!!!!  Thank you SO much Dr. Tom for making this tool to a healthier me available to me!  I owe you my life, literally!  I have no doubt that without the surgery I would have followed the route of my mother and died an early death as a result of my morbid obesity.  I only wish she had had this opportunity before she died at the age of 55 with her death certificate listing "morbid obesity" as the cause.  I am blessed with my second chance!
Maureen (Mo)   

6 months postop

Jun 21, 2008

I am now 6 months postop and had my 6-month checkup yesterday.  I go for fasting labs Monday morning to make sure all my blood work is okay.  I will return to the doctor in 6 months for my 1-year postop check, and I should be at my goal weight by that time.  I am down 87 pounds and have gone from a size 28 to a size 14.  I am having no problems and still feel no hunger.  

I feel wonderful!  Paula and I have been trying to walk in the park every evening. 

Almost 5 months out from surgery!

May 04, 2008

What a beautiful Sunday morning!  Today I am almost 5 months out from surgery, and am feeling better than I have in 30 years!  I have lost 75 pounds to date, and have gone from a size 28 to a size 16.  I will try to get some recent photos uploaded soon.  The school year is almost over for our kiddos, and I am ready for my summer break!  This is the time I love to catch up on my reading and organize the house which gets neglected sorely when I am working.  Andrew is REALLY ready for his summer break also!  

Perhaps the biggest new though, other than how great I feel, is that.............. 

I am going to be a grandma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie and Jeremy are going to have a baby in late November!  I am so excited!  I have been waiting for this for a long time.  I am so glad I will be a thinner, healthier, more vibrant grandma that I would have been had I NOT had the surgery! 

January 1, 2008

Jan 01, 2008

Wow!  A new year and a new way of living!    I am two weeks out from my surgery and feeling great!  I only have a couple of steri-strips left and everything is healing well.  I slept on my side for the first time last night with just a bit of a pulling feeling on the lower left side.  Today it seems to be nonexistent, even when I lean over.  I see Dr. Sonnanstine Thursday, and will get my note to go back to work on the 7th.  I am excited to be going back to work, but will be somewhat afraid the first time I lift my student.  I tire easily, but I know that will be better in time.  I am up doing things around the house, and grocery shopping as well.  

Thursday I will be given clearance to start the next phase of my advancing diet as well.  I will be so excited!    I am ready! 

Back to my laundry!


Six Days Post-Op! 12/23/07

Dec 23, 2007

Hi all!  Have been busy sipping water, sipping meals, walking lots and getting ready for Christmas.  I am six days post-op and feeling great!  It was FAR less painful than I ever expected!  I don't really remember the day of surgery at all.  I came home Thursday afternoon from my Monday morning surgery.  Dr. Sonannstine was wonderful, our advocate Brenda was there for us and wonderful, and the nurses treated me like a queen!  Now I am sipping on my full liquid diet six times a day and sipping water in between times.  I am walking,  doing my breathing exercises, and working tons of Sudoku puzzles!  The only thing I have neglected is answering emails and  keeping up with my blogging and messaging my friends here.  I have lost 11 pounds already, and inches all over!     

More tomorrow,


Today is my special day! 12/17/07

Dec 16, 2007

Today is the day!  I have been up since about 3:00 a.m.  Initially Jingles woke me up, and I just decided to stay up, still fearing I would oversleep and my surgery would be cancelled.    I have been alternating from pacing the house to browsing the stories of all my friends here who have already taken these first steps of their journey.  I have re-read portions of Susan Leach's book "Before and After", and checked my hospital bag several times to make sure I have not forgotten anything.  All my puttering around woke Paula about 3:30, and she is also up for good.  In a few minutes I will be smelling the aroma of coffee, but will only be able to lust for it in my heart!    I'm sure today will be a whirlwind of activity, and then a nice long sleep.  
It appears from most of the journals I have read, that I will not remember much of today, which is probably good!  
 I will be back here in the next few days to post.  I am praying for all the "December 17th Surgery Sisters" I've met, and am wishing them well today also. 


Two days away!

Dec 15, 2007

  Okay, so I am only two days away from the start of my new life!  I am so excited!  I have spent the day packing my stuff for the hospital, making lists of things I need to do before Monday morning, and trying to get the house in order.    Tonight we are having Chinese for dinner!   

I have started a journal with my weight and measurements, and will also keep track of what I eat and drink for the first few months when my diet will be changing frequently. 

My friends and family have all been supportive of this major decision in my life, and that has helped greatly!   I have the added support of an advocate, Brenda Goldschmidt, who will be there to not only answer my questions and give me the extra moral support I need, but also answer the questions Paula & Andrew may have as they wait for me to come out of surgery.  I appreciate greatly the service she has so generously offered to me and my family!     

I now look forward to the time I will spend here in the days and months after my surgery logging my progress and perhaps being a support system to others just venturing out on their journey.

Surgery Two Weeks From Today!

Dec 03, 2007

My gastric bypass surgery is now two weeks away.  It is still not real to me yet.  I have my H&P on the 7th and my Pre-Op on the 13th.  I keep feeling like if I get too excited about my new life starting soon I will jinx it and not pass the Pre-Op testing for some reason.  I work with 3rd graders all day and find myself using the sanitizer more so as not to get a cold before my surgery!    I have been reading all the literature from my classes over and over so I know just what I am permitted to eat on each segment of my advancing diet.  I have checked the pantry several times to make sure I have what I need in stock.  I am making lists of what I might want to take with me.  I check the forums here several times a day to see what new insight I can discover.  I have taken a winter coat from my closet that I have not been able to wear in a few years and wonder if I will be able to wear it in January or February.    So many feelings, and so many questions from the other staff members.  Of course I hear every failure story, and how they know someone who knows someone who died etc.  I just have to listen, tell them why I am doing this, and come here to this support center to feel good about it again.  I am thankful for this site and all the friends I have met here.  


Surgery date approaching!

Nov 28, 2007

  Today I am only 19 days away from my RNY surgery.  I thought this time would never come!  I am excited and nervous at the same time.  This evening I am pondering all the changes it will make in my life.  
One day soon I will be able to:
* Tie my shoes without having to come up for air
*  Fit in an amusement park ride seat with my son
*  Not have to pretend I am not cold because my winter coat does not fit
*  Take a bath in a bath tub!
*  Take the stairs without having to stop to catch my breath on the way up
*  Wear clothes that actually fit on my hangers!
*  Sit in a chair without worrying about the weight limit
*  Walk with pride and not feel like my teen son is embarrassed by my size.

I think the most important change of all is that I am being given a second chance, tools, to start over and do it right this time so that one day I will be able to play with future grandchildren and live long enough to see great grandchildren.  I am grateful for this opportunity to make these changes.  


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