Support Group

Oct 11, 2007

I went to my first support group last night. WOW!!!  I met some incredible people that lost and incredible amount of weight so I am truely inspired to make my goal weight.   
I am still struggling with the protein and I am scare to death I am going to lose my hair but hopefully next week when I can eat "real" food I will do better.

Don't say Try

Sep 27, 2007

Well I was fine after surgery until last week when I went back to work and had to stay overnight in the hospital for pneumonia.  They don't think that it was surgery related which is good.  
I have lost 30 pounds since surgery (27 from the doctors scale but I like mine better).  I was working out 5 times a week (just walking) but I haven't exercised in two weeks since being sick, my doctor who is very strict about exercise gave me until Saturday.
When I was at my appt on Monday with my surgeon there was a gentleman who lost 1/2 of his body weight.  He weighed 320 and was down to 160 and looked wonderful so my doc said to me that could be you.  and I replied that is what I am going to try to do.....WRONG THING TO SAY TO HIM.  The lecture lasted ten minutes but ultimately I got the point.  You can't have try in any sentence involving weight loss..try means that you will try to lose weight but you may or may not.  You must say I will so then you will believe and do.

I found this lecture very helpful and focused.  I must say I was having a rough week with being sick and watching my family eat huge portions of my faviorite stuff that I can't have until I heard this and then I though.  I am going to do this for myself, my kids and my life. 

Two week mark

Sep 14, 2007

Well I am passed the two week mark.  I am finally able to eat soft foods so that added some variety in my diet.  Now I have to continue to concentrate on my protein.  I have been taking all of my vitamins and such but the protein drinks that I have to drink twice a day I am having difficulty with.  I am going to get some unflavored protein to add to other foods to see if that will help with the protein intake.

All in all I feel great.  My husband said that he can definately see a difference already so that makes me feel good.  I have noticed a difference in my clothes so I am excited.

I go back to work on Monday so I hope that I have my eating figured out by then.  Any advice is welcomed.

One Week Later

Sep 07, 2007

Well I am a week post op...I am having difficulty getting my protein down and getting frustrated with only eating pudding, jello, cottage cheese and yogurt BUT I lost 17 pounds and I am excited.  I can't wait to next week when I can eat "real" food.  I have never been looking forward to eating liverswurst so much.
Dr. Kligman's office called me today to see how I was doing...apparently their were some issues with my blood pressure being extremely high the night after surgery so they were concerned.  I never knew that but I am glad that they checked up on me.

Tougher than I thought

Sep 02, 2007

That is my new motto.  As my family is sitting around me eating dinner I am surfing the web to keep my mind occupied.  I have lost 12 lbs since thursday....I guess it is the lack of food but it is also inspiring.
My husband said that he is proud of me which is a big compliment.

I am feeling well, a little sore but not much.  My only concern is that I am not sure when I am full.  I was told that it could be a month before I am able but I don't want to stretch my pouch out.

For two weeks I am on a "liquid" diet....this is going to kill me but at least I can have sugar free popcicles (I love those).

The countdown begins...

Aug 29, 2007

Well I have about 13 hours until I need to be at University for my big day.  My family and I did some praying and talking about the surgery.  My daugther who is 11 is very worried about me because of the risk involved.  I actually am not worried about that but she is so I am trying to be very positive for her.  My husband has been truely wonderful these past few days.  We were discussing us both not being able to sleep tonight.  Me because of nerves and him because of me.  
I reallly want to thank all of my new friends who I have been talking to the last few weeks.  You have truely helped, even just knowing that someone out there has been there and is encouraging me.
I don't reallly have any friends these days, my one "best friend" and I parted ways last summer and I really haven't had the energy to find more.  Hopefully that will change and the ladies that I have spoken to recently will be my support and friends for the long term.
Well I am rambling and I still need to pack.
I will let you know how it went when I return home.
Keep me in your prayers.


One more day to go until S day

Aug 28, 2007

Well I went to my pre-op seminar today and I am finally calm and ready...calm yeah right. but I am at peace with my decision and I look forward to a new beginning.  The nutritionist at my drs office said that I should expect to loss 100 lbs in 6 months.  I won't know what to do with myself.  I haven't weighed that for 11+ years, before my daughter was born.
I met a lady today at the seminar who I referred here and hopefully she will join our "family".

2 days and counting

Aug 27, 2007

Well the nerves are starting to set in.  I went for my pre-op appointment at Dr. Kligman's today to sign all of my paperwork for surgery.  He also makes you sign a contract with him that he will bring out when you are not following directions.   He is so funny in a dry humor sense and I find him to be very confident which you want your surgeon to be as well.  When he started talking about the risk to surgery I got a little scared but all of those things could happen even without the surgery.  Tomorrow I go to the pre-op seminar (was suppose to go last week but the nurse wrote the wrong date on the paper) so hopefully that will help calm the fears.
My husband asked me what I wanted my "last supper" to be..I really can't tell him because I have been doing so well (lost 27 lbs pre-op) that I don't have a taste for anything.
Thanks to all who have sent me messages or support and help I appreciate it.

Four days and counting....

Aug 25, 2007

Thursday is fast approaching...I went out today to get some food for when I come home.   I am waiting for it to cool off here so I can do the rest of my shopping.  I go see Dr. Kligman on Monday to sign my consent forms and stuff, I can't wait.
My husband is finally being supportive and not so negative.  His biggest fear is that I will leave him once I get reading other spouses thoughts it is pretty common.  
My daughter is scared that I am going to die but I am trying to keep up a positive attitude so she does not worry.  the truth is I could die without having the surgery so I am doing this for both of my kids.

Counting Down the Days

Aug 23, 2007

Well one week and counting....The nerves are setting in but I am nervous and waiting all at the same time.  I feel confident in my doc and with myself that I am making the right choice.  I go to my pre-op appointment on Monday and the pre-op seminar on Tuesday.  I don't think I will be able to sleep starting next week :)

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