OMG! Where has time gone!

Apr 24, 2010

I can't believe I am almost 6 years post op.  I have had lots of ups and downs but all in all happy with having bypass surgery.  My iron is finally stable for now.  I have lost 30 pounds in the last year.  I didn't want to it just sort of happened.  I don't want or need to lose anymore.  I am been trying to eat a little more.  That is so strange wanting to eat more and people telling you to gain some weight.  That is just wild.  I am not one that can eat normal or anything they want.  I still get sick.  I still vomit if I eat to fast or wrong foods. Sometimes it gets old but I know that is why I am one of the ones that have not gained most or all the weight back.  So for that I am thankful and will keep my eating "issues"


Jun 18, 2009

Finally a good lab report!  I was so disgusted last time I went I didn't even get a copy of my labs.  I asked for a copy yesterday and everything was in normal range!  I had to do labs again so I waited around on this months report.  Everything has dropped but I am still in normal range.  Hopefully I can get by with just taking an iron infusion every few months.  I see the doctor next month so I will know more what the plan is.  I was still pleased even though I had dropped.  This was the first normal report for almost 2 years! 

Weight gain

Jun 10, 2009

I have put on about 10 pounds since the first of the year.  I feel very bloated all the time.  So yesterday I went on nothing but protein drinks all day.  I thought I would strave to death but I made it!  This morning I feel alot better and not as hungry.  The best part I don't have that crab bloat feeling and i am already down 4 pounds..  YAY!!  My tummy is totally flat again.  Now if I can just stick to it until I get back down to my lowest weight.  Everyone tells me i look better now but I felt better at a lower weight.  I was feeling fat and wanting to cover up in big clothes again.  i will be happy to be back down to 145.

Just an update

Jun 04, 2009

Nothing much going on here.  I have a CBC and Iron profile done again on the 17th.  I am hoping my levels are steady.  Last month they went down even with an iv iron treatment.  If they go down again I have to go to the hospital and be admitted to have anymore treatments because I had a reaction to the last one.  As much as I hated the iv infusions I am scared to be without them. This month I see my pcp and my surgeon.  

  I see a neurologist on the 31st of July.  Maybe he will have some answers.

Iron iron and more iron..

Apr 15, 2009

Well Friday was my 12th treatment and I had an allergic reaction this time.  My arm blew up like a balloon and had welpings all over it.  I itched like crazy for day.  I am wondering what I will do now.  It has been a year of iv iron and my levels are still low.  I feel like shit most of the time. I hurt all over.  Sometimes I think WLS was the worse thing I ever done.  Am I ever going to be healthy again or will it just get worse the futher out I get. I will be 5 years post op soon and the last 2 years have been terrible.  If anyone out there is going through some of the same things please email me I would love to have someone that understands.  [email protected]



Sep 27, 2008

I had quit for  years and 2 weeks ago started back.  I am so disappointed in myself..

I am going to make an appointment with my surgeon Monday.  I think I have another hernia.  What a bitch..  I am so tired of surgies and being sick.  Sometimes I think I would have been better off staying fat. I really don't want to be fat again..just well.  I keep thinking it is going to get better after this surgery..well I am still waiting.


Sep 17, 2008

Tomorrow I will be one week post op a partial hysterectomy. I was having heavy bleeding but he couldn't find anything wrong with my uterus.  So I guess he took out a good uterus. :(  Hopefully now that my periods will stop my blood work will come up and it will be all worth it.  Right now I feel like oh crap I had a good uterus removed. 

Think about it...

Sep 10, 2008

Everyone gets mad because people say "you took the easy way out" 

Well think about it we did. That statement maybe rude but true.   If it was easier to lose weight without surgery why did we all have to have it?

Flame on.... ha ha ha

Don't follow the rules....

Sep 03, 2008


I was told that most people that have health problems after RNY is because they don't follow the rules...  That may be true for some but I have bend over backwards trying to be healthy.  I am at the point to say fuck it and get me a cigarette.  Seems like that is the only thing going for me is I don't smoke.    I feel like the rate I am going  why not light up!  I feel like crap most of the time anyway. 

I wish I would have known..

Aug 30, 2008

I am sitting here in TN watching my husband sleep.  We are not meeting the others to ride until 9am.  I was klling time reading the board.  I see so many post about people being 6 weeks, 3 months,6 months..etc and just so thrilled about their surgery.  That was me my first 3 years.  Now I am in TN riding Harley something I couldn't do before but the whole time I was so tired I was thinking I just want to go back to the cabin.  Do I regret losing weight...hell no.  Do I regret my choice of surgery...yes.  I should have had the lap band like I seen the surgeon for.  They made RNY sound like a miracle. Something more permanant that I couldn't gain back.  Now I see people failing with the rny and I am just in shock.  I am fraid that will be me.  I can't go back now so I am tring to deal what I have.  I am going to see a specalist in September.

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