I've been overweight most of my life.  There was a time back in high school that I managed to lose some weight through a not-so-healthy way, but when I became pregnant with my first son, it all came back full force, and then some.  After the birth of my second son I lost about 50 lbs on Phen-fen, but alas it got taken off the market and the weight came back again.  I had been thinking about WLS ever since I saw what it did for Carnie Wilson, but I was too chicken and my insurance would not cover.  Finally though, my insurance decided it would cover, I just had to complete a 3 month series of classes/meetings with a psychiatrist and nutritionist, and excercise. So here I am, 6 weeks into this process.  I should be finished with the requirements in early July, so I'm hoping to have the surgery in July/August.  It has been so inspiring to read so many profiles and all the wonderful changes people have been fortunate to have experienced, that I can only hope to find the same success and happiness as other WLS survivors have found.

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