One Month today

Jun 03, 2010

A month has flown by fast and yet it seems like I had the surgery forever ago. As of yesterday, I have lost 28 pounds. The changes are amazing, especially when I look back at my first pictures. I  notice it most in my face, neck and waist.

Some days have been tougher than I would have believed. I didn't realize how much "head hunger" I would have to deal with. That is tough. Stepping back, evaluating what is going on and drinking some water usually takes care of it.

My mom pointed out that things can seem more stressful because one of my major coping mechanisms has been taken away. I can't even have a beer at the end of the day either and that is hard. It is worth it though to know where I am headed and in a month or two the benefits will be even more evident and I know I won't regreat it at all.


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