Northwestern Memorial Hospital

"I am so happy i went to this hostpital they are the best as far as i am conserned"

Alexander P. Nagle

"found a doctor that will take public aid thank you god thumbs up to him that is very respectful of peaple who really need them to many just think of there check books and not helping peaple any more a big thumbs up to doctor nagle thank you for being here for us who cant afford good insurance god bless yourn 05/13/09rn Well im jumping through all the hoops dr told me end of july surgery looks good so we are shooting for that thank you dr nagle he is very nice dr and all of his staff top notch! glad I came here.rnrn 08/07/09rnwell i have to say this is the best doctor and staff i didnt have a liquid pre op diet i had a 10 day low carb high protien diet. and after surgery a 2 day liquid diet then 1 day purayed diet came home on that then 5 days after that more normal foods just not steak and chops things like that. I give a A+"
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