Do I have a story?  I suppose so but can't imagine it being all that exciting, lol!

I currently an Insurance Agent in Long Beach, CA.  I live with my man of 8+ years now, we don't think we'll get married.. no reason to really.. but you never know :)  We just bought our first home in Long Beach and it's totally cool to be able to do whatever
you want to your place and not answer to anyone.  I could do without the high mortgage payments though!!! 

We have no children, human children.  We have 3 kitties (and 1 feral outdoor kitty) and 16 turtles and 1 tortoise.  We love our critters immensely!  No kids for me either, I am not a "kid" person at all and tolerate them at best.  I guess they can be cute sometimes, but not for me, lol

I was adopted at birth pretty much by 2 parents and then they had a son together.   I'm kinda in contact with one 1/2  sister.  Birth Mom passed away before I could find her and have no clue with my Birth Father is.  All I ever wanted was a Father and I guess I got the shit end of the stick on that deal.  Oh well, life doesn't always turn out how you want it to but you make the best of it.

Barry has helped me overcome so much and stood by me for so long now and I always ask him "WHY?"  but he loves me and is willing to put up with my crap, lol  Honestly, I couldn't find a better man.  He is my rock.  :)  He is supporting me 100% though this journey and I want to be able to do fun stuff together again and be healthy.  I'm 40, not that old... I can still have fun, right?  Hee Hee!!!

My life in a nutshell.  I could write for days about the good, the bad and the ugly but I'll stop for now!  hee hee!

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