9-11-07:  Here's my story
I have struggled with my weight all my life.  I mean literally all my life.  I was "thick" during my childhood but I was very athletic.  I was always in sports (basketball, soccer, softball).  I then had 3 kids by the age of 20 and gained 150lbs but the end of my third pregnancy.  At that point I was 323lbs.  In 1999 I had decided to have a VBG.  Of friend of my husbands had it done by a Dr. David Hall in Lubbock, TX.  I called his office.  They asked me for my information over the phone and submitted it to the insurance company.  Two weeks later I was called and said I had been approved.  Dr. Hall didn't order me to have any test done in Dallas or anything they flew me and my husband to Lubbock.  We met with the Dr and he ran some test and I had the surgery the next day.  I stayed in the hospital 5 days.  I woke up miserable.  Laparoscopic was not heard of in 1999.  My procedure was done open.  There was a tube down my throat that was pumping mucus and blood.  Every time I swallowed it felt like someone was cutting my throat.  Day three I was trying to bath myself and looked under my dressing and notice the long cut down my abdomen and begin to cry why did I do that to myself.    At the end I had lost 135lb in 10 months.  I then began to be able to eat more than I initially was able to and put 75lbs back on.  It has been a struggle to get that weight off.  I've been working out with a personal trainer 3 days a week and 2 days on my own since Nov. 06 and have only managed to loose 40lb and build ALOT of muscles.  On Sept 7, 2007 I read an ad about Dr. John Alexander.  I then made the decision to contact him regarding a revision.  

9-14-07: My husband and I met with Dr. John Alexander.  My husband wanted a lap band and I wanted a revision to RNY.  Once we left his office my husband was a true believer of the RNY and he too felt like if you were going to do it, why not do it right and go with the RNY.  We are schedule to have our physch and other testing on 9-21-07.  Dr. Alexander’s office is very persistent.  We saw him on a Fri and the next Mon Ann had already submitted our information to the insurance.  "That's what I'm talking about"!  She doesn't have to worry about me calling her asking when she going to submit our file.  We are patiently waiting to get our approval.  My husband and I plan to get it done on the same day.  "Ain't dat tweet"!!  We are going to do this together all the way.  In the end we will be "Young, Fly, and Flashy!!  I'll let you guys know once we get the approval.  TTYL

 10-7-07:  Guess What?  We got our approvals.  My husband got his on 9/26 and I got mine on 10/2.  My husband is scheduled for his surgery on 10/17 and I'm scheduled for 10/29.  We are so exicited.  We spent last weekend in Vegas and couldn't stop talking about how the next time we go to vegas we will be able to shop in ALL the stores.  We were kinda depressed because there were alot of cute stuff we wanted but of course we couldn't fit into it.  I didn't want to buy shoes(which I'm already a shoe fanatic) because we are expecting our feet to loose weight also.  LOL  Until next time...................

10-23-07:  5 days until my surgery!!  I am so exicted.  It's been 6 days since my husband surgery and he has lost 26lbs.  He is doing GREAT!  The weekend was rough because he was in a lot of pain but he is back to himself today.  Im hoping to losse at least 30lbs my first month.  At this rate it looks like my husband will loose 50lbs his first month.  I am so happy.  

10-29-07:  Tomorrow is the big day.  I'm nervous and exicted at the same time.  I will say that I am HUNGRY!  Being on solids for one day and liquid for another is hard.  I didn't think it was going to be.  Anyhow it is defintely worth the changes I am about to go through.  My husband is doing so good.  He has lost 32lbs in 12 days.  Amazing.  He's gonna be at 50lbs lost in a month.  I'm hoping I loose 40lbs the first month.  At least 30 though.  Anyhow i'm about to go to bed so I can stop thinking about how hungry i am.

11-7-07:  Hello all.  I finally made it home from the hospital.  I had to go back a couple of times because I was in extensive pain.  I defintely didn't think the procedure was going to hurt like this.  The morphene in the hospital couldn't take the pain away.  They had to give me dilated, which takes every ache and pain away.  Today is the 8th day and I've lost 12lbs.  I don't know why I expected more?  My expectations are out of this world,  I guess becasue I'm comparing myself to my husband.  He lost like 20lbs his first week.  Besides the pain I'm not having any complications.  I don't have an appetitie at all which my Dr. said not to worry about because I have enough fat on my body to hold me over until my appetitie returns.  LOL  

11-15-07:  Hello all.  It's been 16 days and I've lost 29lbs.  WOW!  It's probally because I literally have NO appetitie to eat.  I hope that changes because I do not want to have other issues because I can't eat.  I'm also having problems drinking water.  Gosh I miss gulping.  It's messing me with big time.  I feel like I'm constally dehydrayted because I have to sip water.  i want to Gulp, Gulp, Gulp.  Some body please tell me that the water intake will get better.  I don't think I can continue on at this rate.  I'm feeling alot better than I did a week ago.  I know I sure am tired of people telling me what they cooking for Thanksgiving.  Oh my gosh, I'm gonna miss Thanksgiving.  But I keep telling myself that what made me 277lbs.  All dem damm Cakes and Pies!  I can make a mean Pound Cake!!  LOL

12-4-07:  Hello everyone!  I'm glad to say that I feel 100% better.  I didn't expect it to take 4-5 weeks but i want to thank GOD for everything.  It has defintely been a rough road for me.  Yesterday I went to the gym.  Man was it hard.  I'm use to going to the gym working out for an hour and a half high impact.  I could only do 30 minutes on the treadmill.  No incline and speed at 1.8.  It was hurting.  I believe i still have gas in me so when I was walking on the treadmill I was getting this pain in my right side and then I begain to feel very bloated.  I only feel that pain when I do alot of movement.  I will eventually build my stamina back up.  I also weigh 238 from 277.  Today is my offical 5th week.  I feel like i'm doing good.  I'm going to push myself to go to the gym 5 days a week and just do what I can.  If I can do 30 minutes that great.  If I can do 45 minutes that's even better.   Until next time................


3-23-08:  Hello Everyone.  I know it's been a while since I've sent an update.  Well I've been doing excellent.  My husband is too.  I am down to 205lbs from 280 5 months ago.  That is 75lbs in 5 months.  I'm very exicited about that.  I'm doing pretty good with my eating as well.  To be honest I mostly just try to stick with fruit.  It is the only food I know I can eat without getting sick.  Plus it's very filling.  For those of you considering the surgery or just go it done, keep your head up.  I promise you some days or weeks you feel like you not loosing enough or you feel like you still fat, but I promise as long as you do your part the weight will come off.  Until Next Time 






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