January 2010!

Jan 19, 2010

New year... new things in life!!! Chris and I got married Dec. 5th and it was awesome! We had such a great time with friends and family, I will post pics as soon as I get a chance.
Life is great... my weight has not changed in over a year however I am still wanting to lose 10-15 lbs... need to get some motivation but getting there!! Hope all is well with my fellow losers!



November 2009


So the last time I posted was back in September... Things are fantastic my weight is still the same and has been for approximately a year... I can't complain. Just over 2 weeks until Chris and I get married... life is good!


Sept 2009

Sep 16, 2009

Ok so every time I finally get a chance to post on here I comment that I need to do so more often but man... life happens!!! Several things, my weight has not changed in forever (thank god) and guess what??? I am getting married!!!!! We havent set a date yet but will be hitched before the end of the year. Chris is truely one of a kind and I am certainly blessed to have him in our lives.


Apr 27, 2009

Holy hell where has time gone??? Since my last post, Chris and I got a house and have moved in together!! Things are fantastic and the house is gorgeous and yes its big enough for our version of the Brady Bunch! I have a pic below.
I am also working in a hospital again and wow the technology there is absolutely amazing. I am truely happy with my life and the way things are going. I am back on track with my eating and feeling great again! 
Once again new year... and its already been packed with excitement. Chris and I went to Kings Island on opening day and rode the new ride... amazing! Thats all I have for now.... hopefully i will be able to post more later.

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December 2008

Ok so December is here. I am trying very hard to stay on track. Blah Its not an excuse or a good one atleast but I just have so much going on all the time... I need a serious kick in the a$$.
Anyway  heres a few pics... taken around turkey day.. yes i ate too much but It was the good stuff not the bad.

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November 2008

The things children do...
This is not weightloss related but I figured I would post about the 4 little munchkins and the crazy things they do that make life worth living.
I have 4 children, Mitchell 9, Maxwell 7, Mason 5, and Markenna 3. My older boys play football and have been for 2 years. So far no injuries. It takes my oldest son playing football on the playground to get a few stitches in his head a few weeks back.... My daughter only being 3... has already endured 3 stitches and today was the icing on the cake. Mitchell has these cute little mini skate board things.. that you could probably put a mini toy army man on lol.. the wheels are detachable... my daughter shoved one up her nose today and freaked out so then she stuck her finger up her nose to "get it outta there" and shoved it in to the point that we couldnt see it even with a flashlight... so another visit to the er. Now that the ordeal is overwith its almost funny. Thank god we havent delt with broken bones yet! lol

Ok and now for the semi serious stuff...Chris and I took all 6 kiddos to church on sunday. I must say I was very nervous about this adventure because my 4 have never been to church. Call me a bad mom for that but its very difficult convincing my ex that happens to be jewish to allow me to take them to church. I have changed my views on things tho. I want them to believe in god and to understand everything about god. They really enjoyed the service and we will definately be going back on a regular basis!

I wanted to post a few before and after pics just for comparison purposes... These are pics I look at when I feel like I havent gotten anywhere with things lol. They are below...

This was at my wedding in 2001 and the pic next to it was Christmas 2006
Weight difference: 1st pic-270, 2nd pic 135
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This pic below I weighed 270 ish
  The pic next to it... 160
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October... gone! This year has flown by so quickly. I am shocked that November is already here. I havent even put my summer clothes away yet lol. Things here are fantastic. I have been paying more attention to what I am eating and I am feeling like im back on track with things. I know that my lowest weight was too low but I keep looking through pics of me at that weight... and thinking I looked good. (deep down I know better)
I am still working doing what I love... but I am looking for another position elsewhere that wouldnt require me to drive 100+ miles per day. The position I thought i would be getting fell through but I am staying positive with the search.
Things with Chris are absolutely amazing. He and I went to church last sunday.  I really enjoyed it. I hadnt been to church in a long time and  I strongly believe we will be going a lot more.
I cant wait to see what the next few months hold for us :)

October 2008

Lots of info...I got a letter in the mail Saturday with a court date to finalize my divorce!!! The court date is just 10 days shy of being a year ago that my divorce was filed for.
Also while at work today... I recieved a call from a hospital for a 1st shift phlebot position!!!!! I will be able to sleep more than 3 hrs a night if im working 1st shift.. so exciting things are looking up


Ok so October is here... it just seems like time is flying lately... where the heck is it going?
I also have some awesome news! My boyfriends mom just recieved her approval to have bypass as well!! Her surgery will be sometime around the first of November. I cant wait to see her on the losers side with us! Congrats Pat!

Things here are pretty good. I am still with the lab but I am looking for something that doesnt require me to drive 100+ miles a day. My body on the other hand is a mess! I am not happy at all with my weight. I know that when I weighed 135 that I was way too thin but at the same time I am not happy with seeing 160 on the scale. I want to lose 10 lbs and I am working on that. I am making better choices with food and I am confident that it will pay off.
The other problem I have been dealing with is my face. Even during my teenage years my face stayed clear... I never had any major breakouts. Since starting my job back in April I have had a major breakout. I have tried everything to clear it up and nothing really worked. Finally I thought it was clearing up and then once again another horrible break out. My insurance doesnt cover seeing a dermatologist so I went to my regular doc and he gave me antibiotics because its not acne... its a friggen infection! I hope this works to clear me up... he said if i didnt notice a difference within a week that we would try something different... keep your fingers crossed... I miss my clear face!

September 2008


Where did the summer go??? I spent so much time having fun that it was over before I knew it. Without a doubt this has been the best summer of my life! I have the kids 6 out of 7 days a week, we are involved in football and thinking about other sports the boys want to play. My job is going well but I am exploring other more perminant options.
I am maintaining my weight which is always a bonus. Things all around are fantastic!
Got a new pic of Chris... thought i'd add it lol

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July 2008


I havent posted in a while.. its been a busy busy month! Last week my boys started football. They are doing fantastic! Last year they won the superbowl and hopefully we will do the same this year! Practice is 4 nights a week and with my work schedule its kicking my butt. I am not sleeping more than a few hours a night... my job is going well but I am looking for better options that pay more. I got a call from another lab yesterday and I am checking into that...
Chris and I are doing extremely well. His son plays football and his daughter cheers so they are just as busy as I am with practice but we are making it work with no issue.
Onto my weight......blah!! Dr. Tom is happy with where I am but personally I want to drop 10 more lbs. I dont like that I am into the 150's if I could be under 150 I would be happy but i am far from being the 263 I once was.......

June 2008


June is here and it is proving to be one hell of a great month! The start to an awesome summer even!
When I made the decision to have bypass, never did I think I would be able to lose weight after so many failed attempts. My surgery was a breeze and I have lost over 100 lbs since my surgery 2 years ago. It definately isnt easy but its so worth it. The little things that have changed since surgery have been amazing. The ability to walk up a flight of stairs and not have to stop to wipe the sweat from my face or to stop to breathe... its fantastic! I can run and even race my children and not be winded. There was a few things that I wanted to accomplish if I was ever able to lose my excess weight.  1.. I wanted to be able to ride a horse and to get on without any help.. I have done it!!!!!!! I also wanted to go to Kings Island and fit into the rides without fear of embarassing myself....DONE!  I fit in the rides without issue!!!!!
I have noticed that I am more willing to experience new things that I would have never even attempted when I was big... because I was scared of failure. I understand its the beginning of June but this so far has been an awesome year for me. I am in a totally different place in my life than I was this time last year. I am so happy with how things are now.
I know my family will probably read this  and I want you all to know how much I love you and I want you to know I would have never made it this far without your love, patience and support. You are definately the best! I am so fortunate to have a family like you!!! Sometimes its hard to tell people how you feel so this is the best way I can:) I am a happy girl thanks to you guys!!!!!!

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