Micheal G. Dickinson

"He is not only a good Doctor,he is a very caring person.He even gave up part of his lunch time to help me emotionally.He was the first one to ask if I thought about having WLS.He is good in understanding weight problems. He was a Navy Doctor at one time dealing with sailers that had weight problems. I just love him he is a very kind Christain."

David Quimby

"I really like him alot I have had him for a sleep doctor six years."

Randal Baker

"I was told he was a good surgeon by my doctor. That he is very careful to cut down the risks of any problems such as blood clots and infections. I was never able to meet him in person as he will take Medicare but you have to pay $2400. up front before he will start you through the things you have to do before surgery.I dont have this kind of money.The office said I would be refunded what Medicare pays but I could still be respondable for part of surgery bill that Medicare wouldnt pay.I checked around he was the only one who said he would except Medicare."
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