Gosh! Ya'll want to know my story huh? Im sure its not that much different then most of yours.
 I have always been overweight. I know this cuz I've seen pics of my chunkiness from when I was a baby HAHA..... 
Anywho, My weight has always gone up and down from the time I was in high school. Of course at that time, it didnt bother me at all.
My weight has really only become a problem with me since I had kids. I dont have the energy to play with them like I should. When I do play with them, its short lived, because I get tired and winded. 
I finally took it upon myself to do something about all this weight I am lugging around........... I am having Lap RYN in sept. I am scared. But in my heart I know I am doing what is the best for mykids as well as myself.  Oh! I should have mentioned that my husband does NOT want me to have this surgery. He says he loves me the way I am. Too bad I dont love me the way I am.  Well theres my story. Pretty boring huh?
Starting weight: 270lbs
Height: 5'11


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