Anyway I was'nt overweight all my life  i'll start at the beginning my maternal grandparents raised me and it so happened that my paternal grandparents lived right down the street so i had the best of two worlds My Paternal grandparents thought that a kid isnt healthy unless some meat was on your bones so needless to say I was allowed to eat anything and everything without consequence. My maternal grandparents did'nt set limits either so well....a chubby kid emerged i still played outside, rode my bike and played like other kids I wasnt excluded from any groups ...that was a blessing Well it continued like this for 7 years and THEN.... my mother decided to try her hand at raising me She didnt like what she saw sooooo she put me on a limited food intake  which screamed DIET!!!! Mind you I have a vicious sweet-tooth and sweets were no longer allowed just kill me why don't cha!!! I'm 7 and no sweets Hence i lost the weight and was a very slim kid and teen BUT.....I became a secret stasher hiding a brownie or a Tastykake pie because I'm not allowed to have it and GOD FORBID  if my mother caught me sneaking sweets ...well that's another story. But for the most part I stayed slim and healthy I excercised I jogged swam whatever to keep me in shape. My stepfather had the nerve to say I was getting fat I WEIGHED 110 LBS!!! My mother had issues with weight and I guess she didnt want me to have the same issues even though years later i do. Fast forward to my 20's had my first child my body snapped back so fast even I was impressed.... fast forward 7 more years later with my daughter and something said OH NO not so fast and that's when my ISSUES began my husband would say oh you're not fat my son would say the same I gained so much weight during  my 6week postpardum appt. the dr ordered a thyroid test to make sure i was o.k. I dieted I gained I dieted I gained slim fast  weight watchers  cabbage soup fasting  (everybody sing) then I resolved to be HAPPY with who I was .Ha yeah right  Used to like clothes14 16....wore a  18 for years until recently a 20 feels really comfy...HOW BOUT NO I have had enough  I researched this procedure for at least 6 years but I felt like I can do this on my own  more weight crept up the more I thought I could do it the more weight piled on it's a vicious cycle My family is concerned for me It's time I pondered this for some time I've heard horror stories but I've heard more Positive ones I can't focus on the negative...Oh my catalyst for getting the surgery.. My family loves roller coasters so we go to amusement parks and try to get on the most extreme or the newest coasters well last summer we went to get on the El Toro at Great Adventure we always get on the last car well this time they couldnt go ....Why? because Ms Fatazz was holding up the coaster because they couldnt push the safety thingy close to my chest so everytime they thought it was safe to go the front operator would push the button and say they needed to push the thingy in more this went on so long that the people in the front were trying to turn around to see what was the holdup.....Talk about humiliating they finally pushed my fatpocket in so tight I actually know what it feels like to be A BOB EVANS sausage link...So after that embarassing episode I started thinking about the surgery again seriously this time I still waited a few months and then I decided I want to LIVE again I want to feel great again and DAMN-IT I want to LOOK GOOD again!!! So the saga continues....
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