Syntrax Nectar Whey Protein Isolate, Roadside Lemonade

"I've been a fan of this product for many years. It is refreshing to be able to drink protein that doesn't taste like a shake. The lemonade is my favorite flavor. "

Premier Protein 100% Whey Powder, Chocolate Milkshake

"I like the convenience of being able to buy this product in my supermarket along with my regular grocery shopping rather than having to make a special online order. "


"Unfortunately, I developed iron deficiency anemia while using the patch product. I also found that every so often a patch would not adhere, maybe 3-4 in each package. "

Joseph F. Capella

"Dr. Capella is the top plastic surgeon for post-bariatric and massive weight loss patients. He is an innovator and pioneer in the field and has one of the largest experiences in the world having performed more than 10,000 body contouring procedures. He truly excels at sculpting beauty from gobs of fat -- just check the tons of patient photos on his website. I have seen far too many patients lately who are very unhappy with the results their surgeons gave them. Worse, those surgeons then refuse to fix the work that they did. It truly breaks my heart that these patients must go through this heartache -- not to mention the waste of money. I promise you that if anyone can make your body look good, it is Dr. Capella. Dr. Capella truly cares about his patients, I think more than any doctor I have ever met (and I know many doctors owing to my profession). I met him in 2006 when I was interviewing surgeons and since then he has always been the doctor whom I wanted to perform my surgery. I could not imagine going to anyone else. I also admire Dr. Capella's philosophy and approach to business. He tries to do his surgeries as efficiently as possible and run his practice efficiently so as to keep the cost of surgery down. His goal is to make surgery attainable for as many people as possible. I have seen far less qualified surgeons charging considerably more money. Dr. Capella also does free revisions and does not charge for his consults. There is simply nothing more that a patient could want in a doctor than what they get in Dr. Capella. You may read an interview that I did with Dr. Capella on body contouring plastic surgery: As for my surgery - a body lift of my entire upper and lower body and an inner thigh lift - he has been extremely supportive and compassionate beyond what I think any other surgeon would have done. The man is simply remarkable. I have gone through many stressers leading up to the day of my surgery and Dr. Capella was always there when I needed him, whether it was to resolve a problem or spend countless hours consulting me. I think he has given me somewhere between 6-8 hours of pre-surgery consults for my 6-hour surgery. He has gone above and beyond what any other surgeon would have done. There are certain special people who come into our lives that leave their imprint upon us forever. I will never forget how much care he provided to make sure that I went into surgery comfortable emotionally and with all of my questions answered. And I will always have the wonderful body that he sculpted for me. He seems too good to be true, but he really is THAT good. This I promise you. Update, Nov 19th: I went from a size 14/16 to a size 8 in only 3.5-mos after my tummy tuck! And now less than 6-weeks after my upper/lower body lift and thigh lift, I am a size 4! Update: at 4.5 months post op I am a size 2!"
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