I'm home!

Nov 08, 2006

Surgery was blessedly uneventful. Expected to last 1 1/2 hours, I went in at 10:30 a.m., 11/6/06 and Dr. Wongsa was talking to the family at 12:05. I was in recovery for several hours and finally got in my private room around 4:30. (Don't hold me to that time as I was still on a pink cloud!). I was booted to the curb last night about 9 p.m. because I had finally peed! It was getting serious for a time there. They had to cath me Monday night and they don't like doing that. Once the drugs got out of my gut and it started waking up everything was fine. Now that I'm home a racehorse's output has nothing on me.

   I got 6 holes with about 4-5 staples in each. I get the staples out on the 16th. I can drive myself there if I wish. For right now, no driving, no bending, no lifting......that leaves walking around after "eating" and lying around waiting for the next dose of Tylenol. At bedtime I get Tylenol with Codeine and that puts me out for about 3 hours. The most pain I'm having is from my shoulders! They say that because of the position they have to put you in for the surgery plus the gas likes to settle there. It hurts a tad to get up and down from chairs and the bed, etc., but that was the Tylenol is for. The actual belly is fine, just a little tender when I change positions and a dragging sensation when I stand up. Again nothing I can't handle easily. I had lots of time to think in the down time yesterday and I decided that any kind of pain is not nearly as hurtful as being morbidly obese with all the ridicule and prejudice that involves.

   I'm on clear liquids for a week. Two meals in the hospital yesterday were 1 slice of turkey (processed, probably the 97% fat free variety) on a lettuce leaf with water. I ate about an inch all the way across and two nibbles of lettuce. For the most part my stomach feels just like my stomach did before. It's a bit of a shock when I first drink something and there's the tiniest of stomach ache, but nothing like you'd think considering what all was done.

   Thank you for all your prayers and good wishes. I know that made the difference in how well I'm doing. I'm going to rest now, my allotted play time is over. My daughter Elaine is staying here with me at least through this week and she's the keeper of the schedule and the official pill crusher, etc.


p.s. Got on the scales this morning and no weight loss, but that's pretty good considering how they blow your belly up just to get at the organs etc.  I'm going to *try* and stay off the scales except for once a week so I can be surprised rather than discouraged. The key for me now is One Day At A Time.

Broth, Tea and me!

Nov 05, 2006

Tomorrow is The Day! I'm to turn my ample ass in at 8 a.m.! I'm not nervous. I was, but the past few days I've either calmed down or worn myself out and don't have the energy to fret. I'm going into surgery visualizing my Blood Pressure and being a cheerleader to keep it UP! I'm off my BP med for a week or so now and my beta blocker for a day. My diuretics were cut in half and down to every other day. I won't take them today or tomorrow in the hopes that the BP will rise so there's plenty of room for it to fluctuate during the procedure. The secret is to wake up with a walnut for a tum and BOTH my kidneys working!

I forgot to mention (ok, BRAG) that my BMI at Dr. Wongsa's office was down to 38.2. That means I need to lose 90 lbs more. That sure sounds better than having to lose 122 lbs! Back in 2002 I got to 267. Today I'm around 230. (Seems that every doctor's scale say something different!).

I'm getting hungry. I haven't had any chicken broth today. I get to have chicken and beef broth and tea and water. I could have coffee too, but I'm not much on coffee without something to lighten and sweeten it. If I drink it at all it's only on occasion.

4 Days Away

Nov 02, 2006

11/2/06 - I saw Dr. Wongsa today and it's a GO! I've lost 22 lbs since June. He grinned when I told him that the secret to diabetes treatment is 'lean and green'! It's amazing to me how NOT eating carbs and fat makes your blood sugar look so good! It stands to reason though if you aren't eating what turns into sugar you stand a better chance of keeping low and level glucose numbers.

I talked to some of his patients in the waiting room. One man had surgery 10/30/06 and he was doing great. He said he hadn't had much pain and he was losing like crazy. A woman was 3 months postOp and she said she finally asked Dr. Wongsa a few days out of surgery if he'd really done anything to her other than cut and stitch her skin! She has had NO PAIN. She said her pain pills expired she thinks, she just knows she didn't have to take any of them. There were 3 people laboring to fill out the paperwork.

When it was my turn to enter his office I was nervous! Even though I've lost weight as instructed and gone to four other doctors and jumped through hoops for them all it was like being sent to the Principal's office all over again! I kept waiting for him to say "OH, NO, you can't have the surgery because blahblahblah...." but he said "see ya Monday!" and that was that!

Oh I forgot....back to the conversations in the waiting room: the lady said Medicare paid for her surgery and when they asked what doctor was doing it she didn't even have to tell them WHERE he was located because they knew! Another one said his insurance had told him that Dr. Wongsa was one of the top dozen doctors in the USA doing this surgery. Wow! I went to him strictly because my cardiologist, Dr. Thomas DeBauche had liked his stats. I knew he was good, but it's always nice to hear HOW GOOD!

One Week Away

Oct 29, 2006

I'm exhausted. I've been on a medical merry-go-round for the past month. I went from the nurse educator at DC of A to my brand new kidney doc, then to my brand new lung doc, then a breathing test which I passed okay. He gave me a flu shot so that's one less thing I have to worry about getting in time.  I worked in the dentist to make sure my teeth were ship-shape. Back to the lung doc for his blessings for the surgery. Then it was on to my cardiologist who had sent me to Dr. Wongsa in the first place when I suggested WLS. He, of course, sent me to the lab. Then another visit with the kidney doc and SHE sent me to the lab and for a renal ultrasound. My kidneys have been failing for a couple of years. It's my hope that losing weigh will help with so many of my medical problems. I don't dream of wearing a sexy bathing suit and tight clothes so much as getting good reports back from my lab work and keeping my diabetes and kidney disease at bay.

I go BACK to the lab yet again tommorrow to see if my kidney doc will sign off on the surgery. She didn't seem like she wouldn't, but I *am* facing the realitities of kidney disease and appreciate her dedication to details like uric acid levels. I'll see her Tuesday for the lab results. Wednesday I go back to my cardio doc for his final blessings and then finally Thursday I see Dr. Wongsa for only my 2nd time and the last visit before The Surgery next Monday.

My first born has made arrangements to take off 4 or 5 days to be with me. She'll drive me to and from the hospital. She had the surgery almost 3 years ago and she's my  "coach". She used another doctor so we have to be careful not to discuss the before surgery requirements, but she is going with me to the grocery store to help me pick up "stuff" for afterwards.

The "lean and green" has not been as difficult as I first thought it would be. I've grown accustom to being hungry. Any time I've lost weight I've been hungry. If you don't go to bed hungry something isn't working is my motto. Thank goodness for Kroger's cooked chicken! I like the thighs and drumsticks rather than the whole chickens. I also stop at Boston Market and get the 1/4 white when I get tired of dark meat. I love cabbage so I've been eating a lot of it too.

I'm off all my insulin shots now BEFORE the surgery. I took myself off and recorded my sugars for awhile to see how it went. When I sent the numbers in to my diabetes doctor she was pleased and said keep on keepin' on. The lean and green with no carbs might be the answer to high blood sugars for every diabetic not just those preparing for The Surgery! I was getting way to many 60's and 70's on the shots and I'm sure it's because there was no carbs to cause any spikes. I'm off my blood pressure meds too since at the heart doc it was 90/55! He also cut my "pee pills" in half and told me to take them every other day instead of every day. Wow! Can you imagine how good it feels to make these kinds of changes BEFORE the surgery?

I'm getting excited with just one week to go. I'm not allowing any negative thoughts to creep into my mind. I'm confident that I'll get through the surgery and expect to stay in the hospital no longer than anyone else. It takes too much engery to dwell on what could go wrong and I'm saving my energy for the battles yet to come.

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