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"I had NO preconceived opinions about Dr. Wongsa as I only heard his name through my cardiologist who highly recommended him to me. I found him to be exact in what he expected and not one to joke around with or take a light tone. He told me what to do and how to do it and I did it and more. I think his whole interview appointment is a test to see how serious you are and how much you want this to succeed. He treats you like he has time for you, but it's clear from his waiting room that he has more patients than many doctors and can afford to turn away any that don't suit his requirements. I saw nothing wrong with that. I wanted the best pair of hands with the most experience I could find in my belly and I thank God that I found just such a doctor in him.rnrnHis staff is excellent and very helpful and supportive. It's easy to get an appointment and the wait to see him is not as long as for some.rnrnI personally would of liked to have a print out of exactly what I could eat before, right after, in the process and in maintenance, but that's because I feel more comfortable being able to hold such a paper in my hand and read and reread as the situation dictates.rnrnI know he is not keen on this forum only because his way is so strict and so many others doctors allow carbs and such from the very beginning. One can get side tracked reading others words and start to question 'well why can't I do so and so'. You can't fault him nor the others for doing what they feel is best for their patients. If someone doesn't like the drill they should not enlist in his army!rnrnHe explained all the risks of the surgery and made no guarantees about my future except in the broadest of terms. He knew and I knew that I wouldn't be sitting across from him if I hadn't of investigated all aspects of the surgery - good and bad and I knew the risks involved as well as the awesome benefits for people with diabetes II.rnrnHe is a first rate, skilled professional. He's not there to entertain and yet he was most kind, almost tender to me, after my surgery. There was a spot of trouble with one of my consulting physicians - a lack of communication and an unintentional misunderstanding and he handled it well - she did not. He did not make me feel uncomfortable. She did. I'm more than pleased that he was my surgeon. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others who truly want the benefits that he can provide if they are really serious about WLS and changing their lives for the better.rnrnUpdate: 4 months post-op:rnSince my first office visit after surgery Dr. W has done nothing but harp on me for not following The Plan. Don't EVER tell him the truth about what you are eating.....lie like a big dog and tell the man what he wants to hear. He is not pleased with my weight loss, thinks it should be more and faster. I'm pleased. My cardiologist is pleased. My diabetes doctor is pleased. Since the surgery I've lost 53 pounds. Since June of 2006 I've lost 82 pounds total. I've got 31 pounds more to lose to reach goal. I'm averaging 2-3 pounds lost a week. I feel great and I look good! He's a fantastic surgeon, but he's not a people person when it comes to positive reinforcement or motivating people. He asked me if I was trying to do it my way and I said no, but maybe I am or maybe I'm doing the best I can and I'm tired of people getting IN my face about what I'm eating....that's been going on my whole life....the surgery is not a cure all it's merely a tool. The bottom line is me and I'm finally in control of what I put in my mouth. Yea me! I love being merely overweight and not morbidly obese! I'll never be MO again!rnrnRemember: tell him what he wants to hear."
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