During my teenage years I was what I would say was just right in size.  Of course I would not have said that then.  After High School, I began working, got married and had 4 kids.  Over those years my weight rose and rose until the last year I hit my all time high.  MY father is morbidly obese with many health problems.  I could see myself heading in the same direction.  I knew that I would not have quality of life if I did not do something soon.  I have struggled with diets, WW, NS, and the such, would lose weight only to gain in back.  I had thought about WLS but never committed myself to it.  After a high school friend had the surgery and did awesome, I began to look at this in ernest.  I am so glad I did, I truly feel that it has made and will make my quality of life 100% better.

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Mar 29, 2008
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