My I believe I probably started gaining weight when I was in the 2nd grade. I wasn't an extremely overweight child, but I was taller and a bit chubbier than the other kids. I was never really made fun of, ever. So, I don't think I ever realized I was that much different than the other kids. In the 5th grade, I weighed in at 156 and 2 years later had gained 83 lbs more weighing in at 239. That's when I realized I had some serious issues. I couldn't trade clothes with my friends and had discovered that as happy as I was, I was completely miserable in myself. The diets started in the 8th grade. I tried so many things every year. I lost weight, but then stopped dieting and gained everything+ back. I did this for years! I have officially worn the same size clothes (26/28) for over a decade now. I guess I got there at about age 16. I have fluctuated to the bigger and smaller side of this size, but have always remained a 4x.

On January 2nd of this year, my mom called me at work and said, "Elizabeth, Tom and I talked last night and he said that if you wanted to have wls, he wanted to pay for that for you." I was in shock. I knew the only way I could have wls was for it to be paid for, but I didn't have the finances to do so. My mom and step-dad made the commitment to pay for it if I wanted it.
"Wow...what do I do next???" was all I could think. I was shaking...I wanted to jump for joy...I wanted to cry...I wanted to scream...I Wanted to dance....I was EXTATIC...I was scared.

In February, I had an appointment with Dr. Walton, but he was sick, so I met with Dr. awesome man! I was excited to have either of them do my surgery. I had heard Dr. Walton speak in the seminar and met with Dr. Broussard, and was confident I would be taken care of no matter who conducted it. Then, I found out they are both in every it doesn't matter anyways!!! :) lol

I now have lost my required weight (39 lbs) and will be having surgery Wednesday, June 11th with Dr. B!!! See you all on the loser's bench! ;)

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