my poor car

Dec 21, 2008

I swear my car has a "hit me," sign on it. I just had an 85 year lady,4'11" tall,(no kidding) wearing a plastic rain hat, no less, slam into my rear bumper, the other day. I was parked in a parking lot and was in a store at the time. At least she stuck around and gave me her insurance information. How could I be mad at such a tiny old lady? That's the second time I've been hit, in about 8 months. I really like my car!
So, the holidays are upon us. Hubby and I gave up on the company party and went out and partied on our own, this year. We had a nice time. At least I'm a cheap date. :-) One drink and an appetizer and I'm happy. Maybe too happy! I paid for the alcohol with a wicked migraine, just a few hours later. Someday I will learn!
I'm getting tired, so I'll close for now. I'm loving life in the skinny lane. :-) Merry Christmas.


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