Jon R. Pirrello

"First impression, dry sense of humor, very profession on first visit.rnHe replied to an email that I sent him by the end of the day, this was really surprising.rnFirst visit took 2 hours to see the doctor, was very nice and responded to questions. My preop visit : appt time was 815am did not see the doctor until 1100am.rnPostop visit: appt time 330pm saw the doctor at 430pmrnOverall rating of doctor: greatrnOverall rating of wait time for scheduled appts: poorrn"

CMC Northeast Medical Center (COE)

"Had to wait about 4 hours in PACU for a room due to no room available after surgery. Informed nurse 2 times that my IV had infiltrated and after my hand was a +4 pitting edema she d/c the IV. Had a nurse that was very attentive about my second IV, after it had infiltrated also she stopped the IV and called the doctor also she mad she my Protein shake was fresh and had ice all the time."
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