3 month check up

Dec 10, 2008

Well, I saw the Dr for my 3 month check up this week.  He was very pleased.  I asked him about some of my questions and he kind of chuckled.  Although he can explain the "mystery joint pains" he says that every one complains about them and that they do go away.  He was a little concerned that I am still so tired all the time so I was sent for a round of blood work.  I should find out something by Friday.  He said that it could be something as simple as anemia or a B12 deficiency.  My acne is also normal because the rapid weight lose causes the hormones to fluctuate until my system gets used to it.  His best advise was not to get discouraged about the foods that I have trouble eating and just to enjoy the new things that I can do.  He said that the holidays are always hard for people who are new to the WLS family because every major even for 2 or 3 months revolves around food,  I should just stick to things that I know will work and not let anyone's comments get to me.

On a good note, I went to work today and started my day with an e-mail from a co-worker (doesn't know about surgery) they told me that there has been much talk about my "new look" around the department and that I was an inspiration for several people to start their new year trying to get healthier.  I was told that I looked great and that they had never seen me look happier.....  I wish every day could start with something that encouraging.


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