Six days out

Oct 15, 2007

And I am feeling much better. As you may have seen me post, I overdid it on Friday at a scrapbook convention. I didn't do much, helped in a booth, helped in a class, walked and shopped the vendors, cropped in the evening, but the day was just too long and not enough to eat. I took soup in a thermos, but it didn't keep well so I only had pudding, jello and protein drink, and water. Felt better on Saturday, but really better by yesterday and today. Tomorrow, I have a follow-up appointment, get my staples out, and start mushies. I cannot wait for that!! I need the taste of some real food. Not a lot or anything, just the taste of something other than cream soup, protein shakes, yogurt, jello and pudding!

Two days out

Oct 11, 2007

Can't say I feel totally better, but am doing ok. I am sore! Not so much sleepy as I was the first day though. I do not like having these staples either! I had the glue before (for my c-section and another uteran surgery), and I prefer that. Ahh well though. I get the staples out next Tuesday, then it's on to mushies. Kinda tired of broth and protein shakes. Can't wait til I can have refried beans, ricotta, oatmeal and the like. I had oatmeal and applesauce on my 2-day liquids preop, but they are not listed in the post-op liquid diet. So I have a l o n g way to go for some mushies, about 5 more days. 

I haven't actually seen any weight loss, probably due to the swelling from the surgery, all the liquids and, oh, the TOM starting today. Nothing like retaining water at the time you thought you'd see some pounds gone, huh? 

I uploaded "before" pics taken before we went to the hospital on Tuesday. Joy joy joy, lol.

Surgery is tomorrow!

Oct 08, 2007

I figured it's about time to post here, as my surgery is now imminent. I report in the morning, not too early, thank goodness, and then a bandster I will be! So happy the day has come, also a bit nervous, naturally. The nurse at the hospital was very reassuring about the process and how good the surgeon is at the procedure, very calming. So much I want to do today, such as clean house...really, I want to knit and scrapbook, but we'll see what happens. 

One thing I just said in an email to a new friend is that I'm almost as excited that the husband will have a few days off with me. We stay on the run while he's back in school and student-teaching these days, plus working full-time overnights, and I work full-time as a retail supervisor/receiver. With twin preschoolers, we're always on the run and barely at home together for any significant amount of time. So this is a welcome break on all fronts for my little family. :)

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