Patrick Coates

"I have not met Dr. Coates at this point. From what I hear, he does not meet personally with his patients until just prior to surgery, I expect to meet with a P.A. when I have my consult later this week. Also, I have heard that his office is very disorganized and that you have to stay on top of them to make sure that things are getting done (such as paper work submitted to insurance co, etc.), yet to be fair this is hearsay at this point, so far from personal experience I have made one phone call to their office and the person I spoke to was very friendly and helpful. They were even able to find the paperwork that I had turned in at a seminar several months ago, which I was assuming had been lost by now. So, since I don't have high expections from everything I have heard, I have less of a chance of being dissapointed. I have heard that he is an excellent surgeon and that, afterall is what is most important. Update! - I had my consult today, with Dr. Coates's P.A. (as expected). I must say that I was pleasantly surprised, I didn't have to wait as long as I was anticipating, the girls in the office were all friendly and helpful (especially Jessica!) Possibly with the exception of the girl that measured me and insisted that I was only 5'3"! I've been 5'4 1/2" for the past 30 years...Only complaint would be that Dr. Coates doesn't meet with you personally...but I was expecting that going in. "

Robert Morgan

"When my PCP recommended that I see a Psychologist to find out why I keep sabatoging myself from losing weight, I starting looking for a Christian counselor that I would feel comfortable talking to. I was referred to Dr. Morgan by another counselor that I had contacted (that did not accept my insurance). When I first spoke to Dr. Morgan he was very upfront in telling me that he is pro-WLS. This was fine with me because that has been my goal since last July. I know that God led me to Dr. Morgan. He is a very king and gentle man and very easy to talk to. I have enjoyed our visits. I will go back to see him when it is time for the official Psych. Evaluation whenever I get to that point. I would strongly recommend Dr. Morgan, he is a stong believer in bariatric surgery and is very knowledgable about the procedure and very understanding about the struggles of the obese."
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