Chung Oh

"My first impression was that I didn't know him very well. I went to him because he did my brothers surgery. When I had my surgery, I was in the hospital 5 days. Dr. Oh called the floor every hour to see how I was doing since I kept geting sick. He ordered a test and he was there when I had it done. Having a Doctor stay with me had never happened to me before. rnI was very impressed with Dr. Oh. His office staff were great. My only complaint was that I could not understand him due to being tome deaf in both ears. rnrnPatients should know that he realy cares about you and wants his patients to meet their goals. Dr. Oh also tells you like it is and tells you what you need to do. Dr. Oh advised me of all the risks yet gave encouragement and direction in my aftercare. rnrnDr. Oh is the best id the best doctor I have seen in long time. To this day, he lets me know if I am doing good, or if I need to work on something a little more. Such as, if I need to get out and walk.rnrnThank you Dr. Oh. rnrnAlways do what your doctor tell you to do. It makes a big difference in the success of your result.rnrn"

High Protein Pudding

"did not like the taste"

David Levy

"at fristhe seem to be put on the spot as i had to go to him to get him to stand be hind me i told him how much it meant to me for him to stand be hind me and the reason why i wanted it done he listen to me and seem to understand in what i was saying and stood behind me even if it not what he belive in he put his pt frist"

Auburn Memorial

" i have alway had good care at this hospital iuse to work ithere before i got hurt and i also had my kids there alway got the best care the aids were great when ever iwanted to walk thay were there to help"
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