Jul 11, 2016

 So I had my consultation on June 30 and it went very good, I must say. At the jump, the staff was very inviting and I felt like they cared. Even from the recpitionist the smiles were all over the office. I was taken to back within 10 minutes and waited at least about 8 mins after the nurse came to do all the questions. Then Dr. Rashid came in with a high level of energy. I was kind of nervous of what was going to be said, thinking some how I would not be able to be a candidate for surgery. Dr. Rashid and my wife went over my medical history and being a Combat Vetrean the history was pretty long. So I had a heria repair back in 2012 and left a pretty long scar. At that point I was thinking that might be a hiccup in the road to a better me. Yet that was not the case, Dr. Rashid said she sees no problem proceeding with the go ahead with surgery. I was really excited at the news then she went over the requirements that BCBS require. So I have to do a six month surpervised diet that will be the only real thing that will string out my surgery date out. It really is not that long when I think about my weight doing the yoyo for a couple of years. My next concern is what is my out of pocket expense for this surgery yet I'll send a email after the 4th.

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