Black Beauti 17 years ago

Congratulations on your one year WLS anniversary!! I hope that you have much continued success!!! CONGRATULATIONS ON THE WEIGHT LOSS *smile* *smoochies* ~NEVER SURRENDER~ *~T~*

~Tooter - the Droopy Witch 17 years ago

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Here's hoping life is all you want it to be! Hugs, Toots

Frvsnt O. 17 years ago

Good MORNING fellow October BABY!!!! - and an early Happy ONE YEAR Re-birthday to you!!! I’ll be in sunny Las Vegas for a week so I wanted to send you early salutations! I found this quote and just love it! When running up a hill, it’s alright to give up as many times as you wish – as long as your feet keep moving. By - Shoma Morita M.D. I can only imagine that your experience has been wonderful. Full of changes and new experiences. Congratulations to YOU!!! If you have an opportunity and/or haven’t already, please stop by and update your profile! We’d all love to know how well you’ve progressed!!! If you have a few moments, please take the time to send well wishes to your fellow “re-birthday” buddies!!! It’s a great boost to them as well as yourself. I'd also like to invite you to participate in the October 2003 message board. We do have activity and enjoy hearing from our peers! Have a FANTASTIC DAY! RNY 10/31/03 down 121 pounds and at GOAL!!! -

blank first name B. 17 years, 10 months ago

Dear Elizabeth, Wow! Wow! Wow! I got a wonderful surprise in the mail today for my children for Christmas, and guess who it was from~ YOU :o) I just want to say Thank You SO MUCH Elizabeth! Every family that donated gifts to my children have made me realize there really is a Santa Clause, just in different forms out there. I was so scared for my babies, and now, I know they are going to have such a wonderful Christmas :o) The little Kelly'dolls and the Transformers are exactly what the kids LOVE. They will be so very excited when they open them. Thank you so much again Elizabeth. Words cannot describe how very greatful I am for your donation to my children's Christmas. You are truely an Angel ^j^. I hope you and your family have a WONDERFUL Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you again :o) love, Tammy P. ps. the email link didn't work so I really hope you get this..

SherryWeber 17 years, 10 months ago

I Believe In Angels I believe in angels, their presence is everywhere. In the warmth of a helping hand, in the smiles that people share. Angels are at the heart of the good things people do, And when our days are troubled, their caring guides us through. Angels' love is all around, in stars that light the night, In a mother's gentle words, and arms that hold you tight. I believe that angels are special messengers of love, God's way of making Earth a bit more like Heaven above. ~~Author Unknown

Jessica P. 18 years ago

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!!

redstormy 18 years ago

This is gonna be quick, but I am home. Everything went GREAT, "textbook or better" is what the surgeon said. Thanks for al the massages. I will post again soon, just too sore , as most of you know. Elizabeth

Tina B. 18 years ago

Talked to Elizabeth at 6:35 p.m. Sounds greally great. Sayes she feels pretty good. The caped the IV today.She did alot of walking. She got to take her first shower today she said it was GREAT! Bf (JEFF) even brushed her hair for her isen't that sweet. Day and evening nurses are really good over night nurses are not so good. May be able to go home tomorrow. Will call her tomorrow where she is when I call her tomorrow. Said she'll try to get Jeff to post for her when she's home.

Tina B. 18 years ago

Spoke with Elizabeth this evening at 5:20 p.m. She got her NG tube out today and feels great with it out. Been up and waking a couple times. She sayes she feel pretty good. Had her first all incredible BM. Said oh that was lovely. Sound really good. Family has been up for support. Will call again tomorrow, will update then. THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HAS CALLED AND SENT HER E-CARDS.

Tina B. 18 years ago

Talk to Elizabeth herself at 6:30 surgery went well. She sounds really good. All tubes are out other then the NG tube. Going to get her up walking yet tonight. She sayes her back hurts quite a bit it's from laying so long. She had great support from her mother, two sisters, and her bf (Jeff). I will call her again tomorrow afternoon, will update again.
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