It has been way way too long!

May 13, 2010

I have not been on OH in what feels like years, and maybe it has been! I went back to school to be a nurse, since I had such a great experience with my nurses and wanted to make others feel the way they made me feel. It has been a crazy year, I did an accelerated BS to BSN program and I graduated a week and a half ago so I FINALLY have a life again! Now all I have to do is pass the boards! 

As far as weight goes I haven't gained anything back thankfully, but I still would like to loose 12 pounds! I've been kicking it at 154 for ever, 142 was always my goal weight and still is but I'm happy most of the time! Now that I have some free time I am trying to get back to the gym and eating better! Sadly when you're 3 years out like myself I can eat about anything. Of course I can't eat AS much as i used to, but I can certainly eat a whole lot more than when I first had surgery! People seeing me eat for the first time would probably assume that I'm "normal" which I am to an extent :) I still haven't had any problems, I am one lucky girl. So here are some pics that have been taken over the last year. I hope to stop by here more often so I can be motivated to get these last 12 off!!

This is at my best friends wedding last October!

BFF wedding

And this is me in a cool shirt!

And here I am on Christmas showing off the shirt my bro sent me from England!

And I'm just showing off these lovely shoes I wish I owned!

And this is obviously halloween where I bravely dressed up as a single lady, in which I look pretty big compared to my teeny asian friends!

And lastly the most recent pics from my graduation party last week!


It's been 5 months. Seriously???

Jan 23, 2008

Ok i have not been on OH in so long. I guess somewhere in this whole process i actually maybe found a life? I mean i had one before i just have a better one now. Right now i am weighing 168. Which means in just over 10 months i have lost 114 pounds since surgery and 124 pounds over all. I still have 26 pounds to my goal weight and i can't wait to get there, even though it is taking forever! I havent lost hardly any weight in the past 2 months. I blame the holidays and my lack of exercise but i am back at it. I have been back at the gym and back to eating healthy ('s hard when bad food doesnt make sick like some others)! Also some people have told me to stop losing weight, and i tell them to get real because i still feel disgusting!

Anyways i am just working and hanging out with my boyfriend all the time.  I love him so much and i know without this surgery i would of never met him. Not because he wouldn't of liked me bigger (who knows?) but because my confidence was non existent. It's still not super high but it's getting there. And he can actually pick me up! I feel like he is gonna die or break or something (he is 6'1'' and weighs 135....) but he can do it, and give me a piggy back ride around his apartment. It's a weird sensation, being picked up like that. I like it and i can't wait til he can do it with a little more ease! 

Anyways here are a few of my most recent pics, i didnt take my normal monthly ones for 8 and 10 months because of the lack of weight loss and feeling down about it. I promise on feb 13th i will take my 11 month pictures. You have my word!

Ps. I miss you all and hope you're all well!

I'm the one with the red belt. Obvi. 

My big sister and me!

On January 10th before one of the bf's gigs. 

Jan 5th before girls night! 

a side view!

And that's it for now! i'll try to write more i promise!

I'm i onederland!

Aug 27, 2007

Well i have been for a week but i am still excited about it. As of 8/25/07 i weigh 196. I haven't weighed since then because i am trying to not be so crazy about the scale. I will weigh next saturday (if i can last that long!)

On Saturday i went to Ross and was looking in the jean section. I saw a pair of DKNY jeans that were regularly 60 dollars, for 24.99.  They are a size 14 so I thought i should try them on. They fit great! Not too tight or anything. Usually when i buy a pair of pants the next size down, they are usually tight for a few days and then they comfortably start fitting. These fit all cozy the first time:) They are a little long but that is the only thing wrong with them! I can't believe the next size i will be buying will be a 12. It seems a little crazy, especially since i feel all flabby and nasty still. Oh well. 

Other than that my body hates me. I started my birth control on Sunday August 12th, which was the last day of my last period. It was all going fine and dandy until Friday August 24th. When i started my period. That's right i ended my period and 12 days later i started again. Thanks birth control!! I mean i know it's common to have spotting and weird periods for the first 3 months, but this is just ridiculous. It's probably worse for me because i am not absorbing it all too. So that's annoying. 

Other than that everything is good. 

* i still go to the gym 4 days a week. (Sometimes 3 if i have plans)
* i still struggle with carbs. i just think i don't believe in cutting something out of your diet completely, because then you just cheat. I eat baked pita some days, and sometimes have mashed potatoes and rice. I always get my protein in though.
* i am no longer lactose intolerant! Yay for that. 
* i still find it hard to eat on the weekends when i have plans, i totally forget. 

But things are getting better. 

54 pounds til GOAL!!! 

It's my goal to be at goal by January 1, 2008. That gives me..

just over 4 months to lose 54 pounds. I think it's doable. 

I just have to lose about 13.5 pounds a month! That would be awesome and makes me very excited! 

I wonder if i will like my body at goal, or if i will change my goal to be less when i get close to it. 

Who knows!

Ok i'm out. Loves you all.

I guess it's time again to post!

Jul 23, 2007

I know i don't do it enough! Well lets see. It has been about 4.5 months since surgery and i am doing pretty good! I've been stalling a lot so that's never fun. 

I am weighing in now at 211 poulds which is down 81 pounds since my heaviest and 71 pounds since surgery. Not too shabby if you ask me. 

I went to old navy the other day and got a medium sized shirt and a pair of 16 jeans! It felt so good to put them on. I don't know the last time i had a pair of 16's. I mean i'm sure i did sometime i just can't remember it. I almost feel normal when i see the tag! It's good to know that i no longer need to shop at lane bryant for pants. But they do have some really cute clothes! I guess i'll live! 

The past few days my stomach has been feeling weird. I don't know if it's a bug or something. I hope it is because i would hate for anything else to go wrong. If it doesn't stop soon i will call my surgeon. 

Everything else has been good! Just going to work, going to the gym and trying to make friends in Houston! 

I hope everything is good with all of you! 

ps. boys suck.

I'm Updating!

Jun 26, 2007

Well here i am 3.5 months out! I'm alive! I have had a 2 week + stall and it was crazy annoying! I think it is over now though! The scale FINALLY moved. So yeah. I was excited about that. 

When i started this journery i was in size 24 pants and a 22/24 shirt. 

Currently i am in 18 pants and 14/16 shirt. The 18's are a little snug but the 20's are too big. So hopefully they will be comfy soon. 

I just keep on keeping on. I go to work every day and then go work out! So the gym has been my best friend and my worst enemy! 

Other than that i'm bored all the time. I miss michigan:( Houston just isn't my style. 

I wish i was with my friends. 

Oh well. Thus is life. I have an interview Friday for a new job! My interview outfit looks SO GOOD. I'm going to get pictures taken in it so i can post them on here for you guys to see!

Anyways nothing new and exciting to report!

I am addicted to beef jerky. YUMM!

In Houston!

Jun 08, 2007

Hey everyone! I am sorry i never update, i always forget. At any rate i am now in Houston working and having a pretty good time. I need some friends asap! I have a few but i really miss my friends from home. 

As far as weight loss goes, it is going really well. I weighed yesturday at about 222. Which is 60 pounds down from surgery and 70 pounds from my highest weight. I am really excited because my mini goals are to lose 20 pounds a month. It doesn't seem like it's going to happen all month and then towards the end it all seems to come off:) I surely don't mind!

My 3 month surgiversary is on Wednesday June 13th, so i will be sure to get some pics and post them all for you wonderful people to see. 

It's crazy because i can't really tell the difference when clearly i look like i've lost weight because 60 pounds is gone!

I go to the gym 5 days a week and that is going well. I do 20 minutes of cardio and then 40 minutes of arms one day. And then the next day i do 20 minutes of cardio and 40 minutes of legs. My mom used to be a personal trainer and said thats how you should do it so you dont over work your muscles and so you can give enough focus to the area. I am glad today is legs because my legs are WAY stronger than my arms.

Hope you all are well


Almost time to leave..

May 09, 2007

Hey everyone. It's been a little over 8 weeks since my surgery and i currently weigh like 245 i think. So it's going good. I mean i thought i would loose a little faster so that is annoying. I mean it is probably safer this way but you know. 

I think i will loose more (gain more muscle) once i move on the 22nd because my mom who i am living with is a personal trainer and goes to the gym everyday. I know that i will go with her daily so i will get ripped:)

I am still lactose intolerent. LAME. But i guess that is life.  If that is the worst of my health problems then i think i'm in good shape. 

Friday i am leaving to go on vaction in NYC/Boston! I am so excited! 10 days in the city and then off to Houston. ONce i get there i need to find a job immediately. 

I am so tired right now. I just did my dvd work out video, sit ups, leg lifts and then went on a walk. It's time to take a lil break before  i take a shower.

Tonight is going to be the last time i see some of my best friends. I'm really sad:(

I know i know i never post...

Apr 25, 2007

So i am pretty much exactly 6 weeks out. 

I keep STALLING! and it is really the most annoying thing ever i know it is normal around this time though. I think i weight about 255 which is amazing! But i always want it to be more you know? 

I can't wait to be under 200 pounds. I think it will be a super exciting time. 

I have my 6 week check up thursday and i am pretty excited and i hope that i get my labs done! I want to see if i need more vitamins or whatever! SO anyways thats all.

Oh and i'm moving to Houston on May 22nd. I hope i can find friends! Oh and a job. I think that i need a job more so than friends. 

Damn student loans.

I'm so bad about updating!

Apr 02, 2007

Hello my lovely friends. 

I'm almost exactly 3 weeks out and i have lost 18 pounds since surgery and 27 since my highest weight!

WOO hoo. 

I think that i may have become lactose intolerent. I am testing the waters to see if that's it. I bought some lactaid milk so that i can see if that makes me hurty. I am still on pureed foods for one more week and then i can start soft foods. I'm REALLY excited for that. I haven't had anything i'm not supposed to which is good. I think that when i tell people i'm getting sick, they think i'm like eatting a snickers or something and i'm clearly not. I look at the labels on everything and thats where i have come to the lactose intolerent conclusion. So we shall see. 

Today i'm feeling lovely. (No milk:) So we shall see how it goes. 

I hope all is well in OH Land. 

Have a good day!

Home at last and finally feeling better!

Mar 18, 2007

So here i am 5 days out of surgery and i am feeling a lot better than i did the 3 days after surgery! 

I went to the hospital Tuesday morning and i was feeling ok. Not super nervous, but not feeling great either. 

I went up to pre op and they started to get me all undressed and hooked up to everything. That's when i was getting reallly nervous. But they put me out and the next thing i know i was waking up in my room feeling AWFUL! They gave me some morphine and i started to feel better. Tuesday afternoon and night i felt pretty good, just tired. So i just kept sleeping. On wednesday i didn't really feel good at all, same with Thursday. But they sent me home! Thursday night was ok, especially because i got a full nights sleep! Lucky for me i didn't need to sleep in a recliner or anything! I crawled into bed and slept so good! 

Every day since then has been better! I am finally eatting and it isnt horrible. (althouth i already cant wait to be on soft foods!) I haven't taken my pain medications because i don't need them...and they taste horrible!  I am pretty much getting in ALL my protein. Which was super hard at first but not getting easier! I can even sleep on my sides! 

I feel really lucky because when i read on the message board people are like..."i had to sleep in a recliner for a month" and "i couldnt go up and down stairs" I can do both with ease. Maybe i'm just a fast healer? I wouldn't really know because i never had surgery! Or maybe i'm just feeling good because i am younger going through this??

I just hope that this all means that i will be virtually problem free the rest of my life. (Knock on wood that i am doing good!) 

Anyways i just took a walk around the block, it's a beautiful day! And now i need to finish lunch and then shower. 

Thank you all for your thoughts this week!

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