16 days post op

Oct 09, 2010

As of Thurs 10/7/10 I am down 15 lbs.  I feel great!!!  I am anxious and excited to begin my new life.. I am lucky I didnt have any pain or complications during or after surgery aside from the general incision pains and now I cant even tell I have something inside me.  I started walking around my neighborhood about a wk after surgery and earlier this week I began walking on the treadmill at the gym, I am up to 4 miles a day...  I can't believe how much energy I have or how great I feel.  I get my first fill on Fri the 15th of October I'm curious to see how it feels to be full.  I haven't allowed myself to eat more than 2/3 a cup of food so I have not felt full and my dr. said it's because there isn't much restriction but after next Fri he said I will feel restriction for sure.  The hardest part for me is trying to slow down while eating and stretch it out for 30 mins.. I guess the longer I do it, it will get easier.  I will write again after my first fill...


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