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"I first saw Dr. Kim at the seminar in September, 2004. He seemed very knowlegable, and confident in his bariatric program. Dr. Kim is very low-key, not really a joking type of doctor. He's very kind and caring in his quiet sort of way. He is honest with your expectations and will tell you exactly what you're doing right/wrong. His office staff seems to be great. Pam (the program coordinator) seems to be everywhere, all the time. She visited me in the hospital (much appreciated) and took over the application process with the insurance. The aftercare program is a major part of the program. Dr. Kim strongly urges you to attend the support group. The support group meets every month, and seemed to be more like a family reunion than a Weight Loss Surgery support group. I immediately felt like a long lost family member. The risks were explained to me clearly, several times. My view was that the risks of remaining obese outweighed the risks of surgery. I would rate Dr. Kim a 10 out of 10 in surgical competence (NO problems post-op) and a 9 out of 10 in bedside manner. I wanted a little "hand-holding" and Dr. Kim just isn't the hand-holding type of doctor. However, Dr. Kim knows what he's doing, and to me, that's more important. My husband held my hand and I was happy. "
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