Hi all. So I had gastric Sleeve in 2009 of June. I lost about 75lbs in about a year and then slowly gained it all back. My fault completely for not eating the right things and mainly drinking. I went through a divorce, graduated college, had my third child and final one, and started a new life with my other half all within 2 years of my gastric sleeve. About 8 months ago I started having issues keeping anything down solid or liquid and finally got tired of being sick everyday and went to the Dr where I found out I had issues with my staple line. Dr. Alexander of Dallas, TX did a revision surgery for me on March 11th 2013. I got down to 178 but back up to 210. I just had my doctor do and EDG and found that I have a small pouch attached to the first part of my small intestines (known as duodenal diverticulum) a hiatal hernia in my esophagus from countinuously getting sick, an enlarged opening in my small intestines and I've stretched my stomach pouch out as well. I'm scheduled to have surgery to fix it all in December of 2018. It's basically a gastric bypass revision because they will have to cut out the part of the small intestines where the pouch is and reconnect the intestines to the stomach pouch. While they are in there they will correct the opening of the intestines and make my stomach pouch smaller then fix the hernia with a mesh. 

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