Woman gets 2 years!

Apr 13, 2015

....100 pounds went missing... Yes it's that time to look and think how has my journey been unfolding?  Well, I'm at that point where I don't get the ohhs & ahhs we all get when we are shedding our obese selves when people haven't seen you for a while or those NSV's are being discovered at a weekly rate.  I am grateful that phase is over because for me it can become too much of a motivator and when it stops, I think where's my reinforcement, cudos, and other external motivators??? Now its all normalized and I remember that this journey is a marathon, not a sprint like many have wisely posted here.  I've also put myself first in my life.  I have learned that unless I look after myself, I'm not going to be a very strong support for those in my life important to me.  What this means is that my daily workout is as important as eating a meal, and drinking water as important as breathing.  

I look on this site very frequently and respond sometimes.  I admire and thank all those people who after months and years are dedicated to sharing their knowledge & experience, it is important that we all keep this Ontario Forum active, supportive and helpful for our Bariatric community.  I will always be grateful to the Ontario Healhcare System for being progressive in their approach to Obesity Management in our province and offering WLS as part of this management plan, we are so fortunate here.  

My body looks different, but my brain is still the same one, with all of its fears, monsters, needs/wants & desires,  but I'm going to be in more control and have certainly gained improved self awareness and am very appreciative I was given this tool.

Now...if I could only get my brain to figure out how to post before & aft pictures... ( it would be nice if this site could make it more intutive for us old farts!)


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